The weekend of July 10-11 2010 – new opportunities!

10 07 2010

This weekend City Bible Church (Portland) our “sending” church gives everyone an opportunity to contribute to the cause of a new church in Baltimore!  Tonight and tomorrow there will be a special offering for this cause in the CBC services.

You may be aware that there will be no monthly donation of funds.  This is the big push!  We are thrilled to see this honor given to the baby church.

I plan to work full time to support our family during the early months/years of the church.  This weekend’s offering will help us with moving expenses, but mostly go to the expenses of starting the church from scratch.  That means it will go directly to helping people who do not yet know Jesus Christ!

Join with us as we serve the city of Baltimore!

We are so very excited about this new opportunity!  We are just about three weeks away from the BIG move.  We’re finalizing details today and just can’t wait to see what God will do.  We love you all so much and feel so very grateful for your support this year!

If you would like to donate: please visit

You can click on Donations, Online Giving, when you click on “Categories” you will see “Other” select it and then “Baltimore Church Plant” will be an available option.  Thanks in advance!

Stay tuned as we build our team, move across country, and launch a church!

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You can read more about why we chose Baltimore…how it chose us…what we hope to do…at my blog:

Our facebook “group” page has some GREAT info about CBC Baltimore and the City of Baltimore!  Check it out – you can learn more about Baltimore and our team:
CBC Baltimore Facebook Group

Thank You for the continued support!

Ben, Rebecca, Charlotte, and Gideon Malmin



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