Finding a rental home in Baltimore:

24 07 2010
Baltimore has a good amount of rental homes.  It’s a good size market.  Yet we’ve found it difficult to find a great value.  Older homes warrant making a careful decision.  Neighborhoods vary greatly.  We’ve spent weeks in the city, learned a bit, and have a whole lot more to learn.  Of course, our circumstances of only a couple of quick visits and shopping remotely complicates the search.  We had one place rented right out from underneath us early on.


We’ve heard many warnings about individuals who have been scammed renting houses through Craigslist.  Even some of the most credible books, working to bring tourists and new residents, strongly warn you about unethical landlords.  We’ve even stumbled across a Nigerian scan twice.  But realtors and leasing agents also use it to advertise.  Sadly Baltimore’s real estate Craigslist is a fraction of what it is in other cities.   It’s in your best interest to be sure the landlord has a good track record.
This is a great site becuase it has lots of photos and you can tell if there is a listing agent or not.

Local multi-state realestate company.

Our friends the Talaiver’s had a great experience with this realtor for buying their home.

He can find a rental house for you!  For $100 he shops for you from listings and landlords that are filtered.  Good protection from less than ethical situations.

He will email you pictures, etc..
I spoke with him, he sounded great, but we had already lined up a house.

Darrell S Pope  Long & Foster Real Estate let me know if you want his contact info.

On the lighter side, there are quite a few resources to help you get acclimated to Baltimore. is helpful when you don’t know much about a particular neighborhood.

US Census data is very helpful in viewing the percentage of homes in a neighborhood that have been foreclosed, etc..

is great for learning more about the city.  If you haven’t already used the online presence of twitter – you really should!  There’s no need to get text messages on your phone.  It can just be an online profile.  Most news, food, music, kids stuff, bloggers, entertainment, government, sports, and event organizations keep up a live feed of info and happenings.  If you’re curious you can check out the list I generated at:

Baltimore is a great city and we can’t wait to be there! I hope this info helps.

Ben & Rebecca Malmin



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