August 1 CBC Baltimore Update

31 07 2010

The CBC Baltimore Team is very excited about the change that this month will bring!

Rebecca and I would like to thank you for the continued prayer support.

We’re sorry that we could not get together face to face this month.

We wanted to give you a quick update and a little info you can pray for.

Rebecca and I have worked through a few delays and we’ve finally finalized our move.  We fly to Baltimore August 10th.  The moving truck arrives on the 16th.  Our kids, Charlotte and Gideon, are very excited about the move!  Please pray for travel mercies, safe delivery of our boxes, and grace for the transition.  Honestly, we’ve been exhausted the past couple of days and need to bounce back this weekend.

Healthcare reform has made my job situation unpredictable.  I plan to look for a possible new job in addition to selling.  Please pray for wisdom, peace, and provision.

Joe and Anna are doing well.  Joe’s work in the tech and education sectors provides some very strategic relationships.  Anna’s work at the Salvation Army is opening some new doors.  Please pray for anointing on their relationships.  Anna’s arm is recovering well.  Joe could still use prayer for his neck.  Please remember that they are adjusting to a new city as newly weds and waiting for us to arrive.  They need a Holy Spirit grace as much as any of us.

Greg, Flo, Daphne, and Elliot have been busy with garage sales and house showings.  They are believing for a Divine Appointment in the right buyer for their house.  Unfortunately, Greg just got laid off from his job of seven years.  Thankfully he has severance pay and some good opportunities.  He’s already contacted a business in Baltimore that may have a new opening for him.  The contact said that his timing was “providential”.  Please pray for the perfect job!  We are believing that they will have direction.  They could use a Holy Spirit anointing for the transition that is coming.

As our three families work through this time of transition we need the peace, joy, and wisdom that only the Holy Spirit can provide.

We will be building relationships as soon as we arrive.  We want to “plant” Jesus before we “plant” the church.  Our heart is to live the message of Christ.  Please pray that we will have the wisdom and anointing to do this.

Please pray that we recognize when and how to start these first few small groups.

If you haven’t already visited our facebook group page “City Bible Church Baltimore” …you really should!  We post pictures and info there!  We’ve put up links to other articles and videos about the city there.  You can meet our team.  You can post comments and participate in discussions.  It’s a great way to stay in contact with our whole team at the same time!

We are so very grateful for all of the love, prayer, and support you have all provided!

This church, about to be born, needs your prayer.  Please consider praying with us.   Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Huge “thank you” to all who have already donated.  We do need financial support.
If you would like to donate: please visit

You can click on Donations, Online Giving, when you click on “Categories” you will see “Other” select it and then “Baltimore Church Plant” will be an available option. Thanks in advance!

Stay tuned as we build our team, move across country, and launch a church!

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