quick update on our move to Baltimore

31 07 2010

We fly August 10th! We just can’t wait!  The moving truck gets packed Monday August 9th.  Then we fly the next day.

We’ll spend a few days at Joe and Anna’s place.  The plan is to take the kids to the Zoo, Aquarium, Port Discovery, and the parks by our new house.

We officially take possession of the “Hampden House” on Sunday August 15th.  The address is 820 Wellington Baltimore MD 21211 just in case you want to Google map it.  Then the moving truck will arrive Monday August 16th.

2 weeks later school starts for Charlotte.  We are very happy about the school she will be in.

We will be uploading pictures and video as often as we can.  Please email me if you need help finding us on flickr, facebook, twitter, or the blog.  That’s where we will be posting updates.

If you haven’t already visited our facebook group page “City Bible Church Baltimore” http://tinyurl.com/25nxfja

…you really should!  We post pictures and info there!  We’ve put up links to other articles and videos about the city there.  You can meet our team.  You can post comments and participate in discussions.  It’s a great way to stay in contact with our whole team at the same time!

We are so very grateful for all of the love, prayer, and support you have all provided!

Ben, Rebecca, Charlotte, and Gideon



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