August 31 from our new Baltimore neighborhood: “Hampden”

31 08 2010

As summer draws to a close it’s 95 in Baltimore today!  Beautiful sunshine has been great, but we’ll be happy when the humidity breaks.

Charlotte started the second grade at her new school yesterday.  She was pretty nervous before the day started.  It’s a good school and we’re happy that she got enrolled on time.  There are two 2nd grade teachers.  We definitely prefer the one she’s with!  Thank you God for provision!  It’s about a block and a half walk.

We had an interesting experience walking Charlotte to school.  Both on the way there and on the way home – we saw young couples arguing, screaming at each other (at times).  Two different couples, each in their twenties.  People in need…in need of Jesus.  We’ve met one of the moms.  There are so many opportunities around us.

We’re enjoying a visit from Jennifer (Rebecca’s sister), Obie, and little Emily!  It’s great for our kids to feel the love!

Today Rebecca and I celebrate 14 years of marriage!  We are so very thankful for such a blessed life!  If you’re curious…we are celebrating with a dinner out at Woodberry Kitchen while Joseph and Anna Talaiver graciously spend time with our kids.  Today we are so grateful for each of you.  We are praying for a blessing on your home today!  “Serioulsly” as little Gideon says – head tilted down pointing at you.

Our neighborhood is listed as the “geographic center of Baltimore City” and this really struck me this morning.  During my prayer time, I was praying for the peace of Jesus Christ to come in the north/south/east/west.  The prayer carried a different weight while thinking about the prayer going up from the center of the city.

Baltimore Magazine said this about our neighborhood, “We really can’t think of a place we’d rather spend a Saturday afternoon than Hampden’s 36th Street.”  The funny thing is that you practically have to park in front of our house on Wellington to walk there!

We’ve been blessed with an awareness of your prayer support!  Thank you!  Please continue to pray!

Ben, Rebecca, Charlotte, Gideon Malmin




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Here’s a couple more quotes about our neighborhood:

“They don’t have anything like this in DC” – Michael O’Sullivan The Washington Post

“The mix of shops…is almost overwhelming.” – Baltimore Magazine

“Hampden has gone from working-class to artsy.” – Joshua Kurlantzick The New York Times

Hampden Merchants wrote this:

“Hampden originated in 1802 as a group of homes built for workers in the mills located in the Jones Falls Valley.  By the late 1800’s, Hampden, along with its neighbor Woodberry, produced 80% of the world’s cotton duck – a type of cotton product used for sails.  As demand for cotton duck increased, so did Hampden’s population – drawing immigrants from neighboring farming counties and from the  mines of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  By the turn of the 20th century, Hampden and Woodberry made up one of the country’s largest workforces and greatly aided the war efforts in World Wars I and II.  By the 1960’s and 1970’s, the economic engine of Hampden, the mills, died along with the demand for the cotton duck for which they were famous.”

“Over the past several decades, Hampden has reinvented itself as a thriving community of independent and locally owned businesses.  The mills have been repurposed as living spaces, offices, artists studios, restaurants, and more.  And the nieghborhood continues to grow as an eclectic mix of working class folks, artists and young professionals.”

“Located in the geographic center of Baltimore City, Hampden is a unique and popular neighborhood that is also noted for its numerous critically acclaimed and award winning shops, eateries and businesses.”

More pictures of our home to follow soon…it’s been tough with no internet access at home yet…soon people.

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