NFL season kicks off tonight and no one knows what is going to happen, here’s my shot…

9 09 2010

…but every fan has hope!  Millions of NFL fans actually believe their team has a shot this year.  Here’s my shot at predicting what will happen.

After a bit of travel I was lucky enough to have become friends with different people, around the country, who are fans of 30 (of the 32) NFL teams.  Still looking for fans of the Bengals and the Bills.  So you end up watching games and talking with people who know stuff about their teams.

Just for kicks here’s a few predictions from me:

1.  T.O. and Ocho Cinco will end up in a shouting match on the sideline by Week 8.  The ensuing twitter trash talking between them will last through their retirement.  They will end up finishing it in a UFC exhibition bout, but not get the Dancing with the Stars contracts they really wanted.

2. T.O. will score on the Patriots, grabbing the musket (as predicted) in celebration, and then Tom Brady I mean John Shady will run him over in the parking lot.

3.  Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers won’t be quite as good as they looked in the preseason, but they will win more games than the Vikings.

4.  Brett Favre won’t put up nearly the numbers he did this year and will retire before the season is over.  He’ll still be a first ballot Hall of Famer, but the Green Bay management just might look a little smarter.

5.  Chicago Bears fans will boo until both Lovie Smith and Mike Martz are fired.  Lovie will find a better job, but Martz still will not realize that his success had more to do with Warner/Faulk/Holt/Bruce than his system.

6.  Brandon Marshall will drop more balls than T.O. this year and that will be his best accomplishment of the season.

7.  Pete Carroll will “rebuild” the Seahawks down to a 45 man roster making room for more…it won’t matter…he’ll be gone by next year.  The Patriots will bring him back to spy on, errr prepare for, the opposition.

8.  “Samurai Mike” Singletary, son of a preacher man, will continue to build the 49ers into a smashmouth monster until management gets him a real QB.  Then they’ll pound the new LA Jaguars until they go back to Jacksonville (2016).  Here’s how he describes what a 49er should be: “physical, tough, disciplined, relentless, smart.”  Why didn’t Paul Allen hire him?

9.  The Ravens will come out of the toughest division in the NFL as the second ranked team of the AFC North, but go deep in the playoffs.  With Flacco and Bulger knocked out of their final playoff game with injuries, Boldin quarterbacks the final quarter – throwing to…and catching his own TD pass…NFL RECORD!!!  Ray Rice will tweet about it for the rest of his life!

10.  The NFL will make more money than ever and be lucky to reach a new CBA.  The 2012 jerseys will be sweet, but UFC T shirts will pass them by in sales.  Today I picked up Gene Upshaw’s players “trading” card (from an antique store while picking up a chair for my wife) and all I could think was, “they better get a deal done!”

Can’t wait for football! It’s possible that my 3 year old son’s favorite song is the Monday Night Football, “Are You Ready for Some Football?”  We’ll have it cranked up!

Let’s go Ravens!  Beat them Jets!

If you’re a real fan…here’s a little more prediction from me:


1. San Francisco 10-6

2. Arizona 8-8

3. Seattle 6-10

4. St. Louis 3-13


1. Green Bay 12-4

2. Minnesota 10-6

3. Chicago 5-9

4. Detroit 4-12


1. New Orleans 12-4

2. Atlanta 8-8

3. Carolina 8-8

4. Tampa Bay 4-12


1. Philadelphia 11-5

2. Dallas 9-4

3. Washington 8-8

4. NY Giants 8-8


1. Denver 11-5

2. Oakland 8-8

3. San Diego 6-10

4. Kansas City 3-13


1. Cincinati 11-5

2. Baltimore 10-6

3. Pittsburgh 9-7

4. Cleveland 4-12


1. Indianapolis 13-3

2. Tennessee 8-8

3. Houston 8-8

4. Jacksonville 4-12


1. New England 10-6

2. NY Jets 10-6

3. Miami 8-8

4. Buffalo 3-13

Conference Championships

NFC: Green Bay over New Orleans

AFC: Indianapolis over Baltimore

Super Bowl XLV

Indianapolis over Green Bay

…but who knows what’s going to happen…that’s why they play the game.



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