Here’s My NFL Power Ranking After the First Four Weeks:

5 10 2010

Life is ridiculously, well…FULL right now, but once in a while I like to watch the NFL.

When we moved Direct TV gave us 5 months of the NFL for free! So we can watch whatever game we want:

Here’s My NFL Power Ranking After the First Four Weeks:

1. New Orleans Saints 3-1

You have to beat the best to be the best!

Sure they’re a bit banged up right now, and people are starting to get worried. Before that the “experts” were calling for a repeat. They’re strong on both sides of the ball. They show balance, strength, and passion.

This will probably change by week 8, but for now I’ve got them at the top of the pile.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-1

It’s unlikely that even Tomlin thought the Terrible Towel would be flying with only one loss when Big Ben comes back, from the penalty box, after they’re Week 5 Bye. It’s possible that the AFC North is now the toughest Division in football. Wait! Dog’gone Browns!

Sad to say, but they just look stronger and more cohesive than any of the other top seven teams.

3. Green Bay Packers 3-1 Football fans now know that Aaron Rodgers is the real deal!

The Packers are the only non-profit, community-owned franchise in American professional sports major leagues.

They love cheese and BRATS! What else do you need to know?

4. Atlanta Falcons 3-1 The dirty birds look legit this year. Definitely something to be concerned about.

5. Baltimore Ravens 3-1 Before the season started everyone was worried about the defensive backfield with Ed Reed’s injury. That’s holding up so far.

Around here people are more concerned with Flacco’s timing than the health of Ray Rice or Ed Reed! The Delaware quarterback is starting to look sharp. If that hadn’t been the case they would have been a whole lot farther down this list. Let’s just say that over the first two and a half games this town was not Wacko for Flacco.

HUGE WIN this week for the Ravens beating the Steelers!

Do You Agree With The Top 5?

6. NY Jets 3-1

Sanchez has a whole lot more to prove. If Revis Island stays off the field with injury this defense is not as good as they think they are. New stadium does not equal wins.

7. Houston Texans 3-1

How many years in a row has this team looked like they might put together a playoff run, and then just faded away. This year looks like it just might be better. Beating the Colts might have been the most meaningful win of franchise history, but they just let the Raiders hang more than 20 points on them. Who are they?

8. Tennessee Titans 2-2 You can’t make a playoff run on the back of CJ alone! Will this be the year that Jeff is on the hot seat?

9. New England Patriots 3-1

Losing Faulk was a huge blow! Brady, Moss, and Tate are struggling to make up for the defense being so bad. They’re loving the three tight ends and running an offense with no running backs at time, but still…I don’t know. The special teams sure made Miami look like a high school team. Evil Bill coached up that no name “D” and special teams for a great MNF showing. If you passed Welker and Woodhead in an airport you would never guess they were NFL players. You got’ta take your hat off to old Evil Bill.

10. Miami Dolphins 2-2

The fins have new ownership and they’re feeling the love.

They should be. King James is in South Beach. They’ve got Marshal, Bess, and Henne. Fasano, Brown, and Williams even show up sometimes. Oh yeah, and they have a real defense.

They have to keep their offense and special teams from making mistakes. It will be tough for their defense to compensate for that mess. Probably should have dropped them farther down for that embarrassment on Monday Night Football.

11. Kansas City Chiefs 3-0

Wow! After beating SD, CLE, and SF they think the fans might return to Arrowhead! Can Matt Cassel put together more wins than Tom Brady? I doubt it!

12. Indianapolis Colts 2-2 Everyone respects Peyton’s work ethic, but Dungy’s been gone for a while now. Bob Sanders is out again and I don’t think they can keep using his return as a motivation for the defense. The Colts are in trouble.

13. Chicago Bears 3-1 I just can’t decide if Cutler’s injury is a bad thing or a good thing. Too bad the Colts couldn’t have worked out a trade for Urlacher.

14. Philadelphia Eagles 2-2 It’s going to be real interesting to see if unloading McNabb really does pan out. Now they have to deal with Vick being out for a while. Kolb, I don’t know.

15. NY Giants 2-2 Another NYC team with a new stadium that just doesn’t inspire much confidence.

16. Cincinati Bengals 2-2 Here we have another Ohio team without an identity. They can be a tough opponent one week and then it seems like they just don’t care. Carson Palmer just seems awful. Honestly, T.O., OchoCinco, and Benson have been making me eat my words lately. I’m still hoping to see them fail.

If you’re in the middle of the pack in anything…it’s time to work harder!

17. Washington Redskins 2-2

There is hope once again in Washington DC (no political message intended). Who knew that Shanahan and McNabb would magically combine for a much better offensive line?

18. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-2

They beat the Colts with a 59 yard field goal. That’s impressive!

19. Minnesota Vikings 1-2

If Brett Favre’s ankle gives way the rest of the Vikings might be looking for work:

20. San Diego Chargers 2-2

Can Phillip Rivers actually will his way into the playoffs? Can he then actually do something with it? They should not have unloaded LT. They should have focused on a better O-line!

21. Dallas Cowboys 1-2

Romo is not a man. He’s a boy. Who ever named this team “America’s Team”? Some TV exec raking in the bucks from advertising.

22. Denver Broncos 2-2

Young coaches don’t always pan out. I’ve got a feeling that McDaniels won’t be near as good as Gruden on TV.

23. Arizona Cardinals 2-2 You have to have a QB to win in this league.

24.Seattle Seahawks 2-2

This team does not know who it is. They showed up for the 49ers like it was their chance to take back the Super Bowl, the Steelers…well stole, but then they’ve looked awful…even in beating SD. If they can keep Paul Allen from pulling draft day drama like he did in Portland they just might have a shot to rebuild the franchise. These players know where the strength of the team is: 12th Man!

25.Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1 How can we forget about last year so quickly?

26. St. Louis Rams 2-2 How can we forget about last year so quickly?

27. Cleveland Browns 1-3 King Lebron took his talents to South Beach and Cleveland won’t be the same for a while. The Cinci game was their Super Bowl! Now they can settle back into who they are.

28. Oakland Raiders 1-3 Insert Al Davis joke here.

29. San Francisco 49ers 0-4

With a coach as intense as Singletary you would think that this squad pulls it together. They’ve got about as much first round draft talent as any team in the league. No excuses! “I want winners!”

30. Carolina Panthers 0-4 They thought things would get better without Delhomme. WRONG! They need D Williams and J Stewart to run the rock!

31. Detroit Lions 0-4 The ghost of Matt Millen will be around for quite a while. For the sake of the city of Detroit I hope they’re not headed for another winless record.

32. Buffalo Bills 0-4 …with the first pick in the NFL draft the Bills select:

That’s just bad football!

Just in case you’re wondering I did this while watching Monday Night Football.



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