Here’s my favorite tweets of the week:

15 10 2010

Twitter was annoying me. My phone buzzing way too often. Then I figured out that I could hit the web, turn off the “mobile alerts”, and dial it down a notch. This is great! Now I get the stuff out of the twittersphere only when I want to. Don’t get me wrong I still have a few friends that buzz me.

Now, it’s the best of links to only the info-tainment that I want. Cool! Learning more about the city, business, music, and people that I want to.

Friday is for My Favorite Tweets of the Week:

@BrianBecker Most know I once weighed 295 pounds. Most don’t know that apparently the “runner” in me simply needed awakened:

@nytimes For live updates on the trapped miners in Chile, follow @thelede blog.

This is your brain. This is your brain on smartphones. Wait — what was I doing?

@jtalaiver You know you own a Great Dane when dog toys look like they came off a tug boat

@godsbailout “I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.” -George Burns

@lancearmstrong Downloading the new Sufjan Stevens.

@KemMeyer How fun is this?

@MattFry I love how at the same store I buy my steak you can buy fishing worms & fill up with gas. I love #JoCo

@shinecollective Finally, the boys will finally have their day…

@WashingtonPost Adults are teaching kids to swim in Bangladesh, where drowning is a top cause of death among children:

@gatesfoundation Photo of the day:

@TheA21Campaign Compassion requires ACTION. Take a stand today & be the #KEY2FREE for girls trapped in slavery!

@wbaltv11 Cafeterias To Try Psychology In Lunch Line

@HuffingtonPost PHOTOS: 10 Best Places For Wildlife Spotting

@SportsCenter Aaron Rodgers Returns To Practice; Michael Vick Does Not; Chilean Miners Getting Sports Invitations:

@jeffmears “Christianity needs to be astonishing, not practical.”

@JohnBSmith…Chuck Yeager busted the sound barrier all up on this date in 1947.

@RayRice27 I used to say there’s no such thing as dumb question but when you get questions like are you playing Sunday? that’s a dumb question

@Rev Run  “STOP thinkin u have the capacity to figure out EVERYTHING that’s going on in your life. Wrong! God got it! relax!!!!!”

@MatthewBarnett “Serving God is like playing Mario Bro. you got some pretty freaky levels to get through to conquer the game.”

@JulietheArtist1 “Just facing the truth of our past or present will not heal us. It’s facing our truth in the light of God’s Truth that sets us free!”

@Relevant Author Philip Yancey talks about why we doubt and how he’s kept his faith in a broken world.

@craiggroeschel  “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” Booker T. Washington

@PhilCooke: The most successful people are those who can pull off plan B.

@hookersforJesus HEAD knowledge cannot B effective unless it is tested & tried in a LIVE atmosphere. Unless U truly apply it, it’s all in VAIN.

@craigdyson  “I love the Word so much that I can hear a struggling preacher and hear what he MEANT to say.” Bishop Jakes..eyes OFF speakers, ON Jesus

It is easier to watch the show, but it is biblical to gather in small communities and to live on mission.

@GUlive: RT @TweetForATrack: Get @GUlive’s song “Holding On” Ring Tone for free in exchange for just one tweet:

@nathanfinochio “My brother turned to me last night and articulated a meta-thought, a massive over-arching thought, on modern leaders that blew my mind. I had asked him about a recent pedological conference he attended, and he observed an irony in a number of the speaker’s choices of quotes. “Millenials don’t read, they quote”, he exclaimed, after describing a Reformed pedant who proof-texted Chesterton in quoting him.” 3 tweets from @nathanfinochio

“Millenials don’t read, they quote” got me laughing out loud…oh, Space Commander Fin you crack me up!



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