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19 10 2010

Benjamin Malmin – Cover Letter

Phone 443.759.7587

At 36 years old I have been married for 14 years and we have two small children. This means that I am young enough to be fiery and passionate, yet I am old enough to have accomplished a bit and had life kick me around a bit. I know how to check my ego at the door and work in team. I know how to come in as a clean slate and absorb how you do business, and then replicate it. I am an insatiable learner. I know how to follow and work hard. When the time is right I know how to lead with understanding and empathy.

I love a challenge!  Working in team and leading by serving are familiar tools for me.  Communication is my specialty.  It may be one on one, small groups, or hundreds at one time.  I have inspired groups to move toward their goal!

Developing relationships is a strength of mine. Helping people become more effective really turns my crank. I love to see an individual advance beyond what they thought their capabilities had been. Getting the right people on the bus and seeing them move the same direction gets me up in the morning.

Having a voice in how business is done has been an honor of my past positions. I would hope to improve any team I serve with.

Directing teams, coaching sales staff, managing non-profit organizations, creating business systems, and inspiring individuals have been my specialties.

My wife and I just moved to Baltimore. We love the city! I’m looking for a new opportunity.

Please let me know if you would like an interview,

Thanks for your time in consideration,

Ben Malmin
410.929.1619                                                                             You can also find me on linked in.

Professional experience

1/2007 – Present

Pacific Benefits Group

Portland, OR

Manager of Sales Training – Assistant Sales Manager

  • Personal sales performance set at “Senior Agent” production throughout career.
  • First month as a sales agent set new records for production with 30 applications.
  • Personal sales persistency rate at highest in the company.
  • Set a new company standard for combination of quantity and quality of sales.
  • Daily Management of the Sales Floor including 35 sales agents.
  • Directed the Sales Training System, including new hire and existing agent training.
  • Created, maintained, and oversaw implementation of sales scripts.
  • Performed individual sales agent coaching, which involved personal evaluation of sales quantity and quality, goal setting, and time line for improvement.
  • Conducted company-wide training sessions regarding insurance products, sales techniques, time management, and government regulation.
  • Interviewed, evaluated, and hired prospective health and life insurance producers.
  • Provided teamwork in the oversight, evaluation, and termination of unsuccessful agents.
  • Created and implemented sales contests for increased sales production.
  • Responsible for constant email correspondence with product updates, government regulation, goal setting suggestions, time management principles, sales production incentives, and sales techniques to health and life insurance producers.

7/2001 – 11/2006

Eternity Productions

Portland, OR

Outreach Director – Assistant to Director of Eternity Productions

  • Generated new accounts while managing client relationships in the US & Canada.
  • Negotiated new customer contracts.
  • Provided contract oversight and client support of 180 stage productions.
  • Trained new Outreach Directors, Assistant Directors, and Technicians.
  • Directed staff production teams throughout their project.
  • Evaluated the performance of the staff team as individuals and a team, and coached their improvement as individuals and a team.
  • Recruited, trained, and directed teams of volunteers up to 150 at a time.
  • Managed vendor relationships, including: vendor selection, contract negotiation, and ongoing relationship.
  • Directed 75+ stage productions across the US.  These productions were viewed by over 200,000 individuals.
  • Assisted in the forecast and management of a $350,000+ annual budget.
  • Purchased an average of $20,000+ in staff airfare annually.
  • Negotiated contract of $40,000+ print material annually.  This included the management of 35+ print projects each year.
  • Negotiated contract of $12,000 video production.  Assisted in the direction of this project which won 2005 “Telly” Award.
  • Created & maintained the organization’s relationship management database.

1/2000 – 7/2001

Apple Music

Portland, OR

Sales Associate

  • Generated acoustic guitar sales for beginner to advanced level musicians.
  • Increased sales volume and clientele awareness of variety of brands.
  • Created database of existing clientele for marketing of custom products.

6/1997 – 12/1999

The House of Prayer

Richmond, VA

Director of Youth Ministries

  • Accountable for teaching groups of up to 135 teens & young adults weekly.
  • Recruiting, coaching, and oversight of thirty volunteers.
  • Trained volunteers for specific positions.
  • Project management – three annual retreats and 2 week international tours.
  • Responsible for departmental budgeting and forecasting.
  • Development of annual curriculum for the weekly and monthly programs.
  • Provided crisis management and family counseling.
  • Taught 8th grade Bible course and Bible College Apocaplyptic Lit. & Church History courses.
  • Developed internship/ mentoring program.  This included standardized curriculum, organized volunteer activities, and personal accountability.

6/1996 – 6/1997

Gresham Colortile

Gresham, OR

Assistant Manager of Builder Accounts

  • Generated builder and retail accounts for flooring sales.
  • Provided retail/builder customer service, including trouble shooting.
  • Expanded current builder accounts.
  • Estimated material and labor costs of retail/ builder contracts.
  • Managed sub-contractors and their projects.


8/1992 – 5/1996Portland Bible College 

Portland, OR

Bachelors of Theology — Cum Laude

Student Body Vice President


Health & Life Insurance Producer Licensed in 12 US states

References from most recent direct supervisors and a few clients:

“I have known and worked with Ben Malmin since 2007. His work excellence, skill, and professional demeanor contributed mightily to our team and was instrumental to the success of our sales organization. We were very sad to see Ben move to the East Coast and would highly recommend him to any organization where sales excellence, training, and professionalism is important. He has my highest recommendation.” John Klemin General Manager  Pacific Benefits Group

“Ben is one of the best sales professionals that have worked with me. He is outstanding with clients and closing the sales! Whatever company he works for will be greatly rewarded!”
Edward Schefter Founder & Director of Eternity Productions

“Ben served as a full time staff member with the specific responsibility of Youth Pastor. He also participated weekly in staff meetings contributing to decision making concerning the church at large. Ben was well liked and demonstrated wisdom and people skills above his years. His performance was exceptional. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone wishing to hire someone with exceptional people skills, work ethic, and character.” Stephen M. Stells Senior Pastor  The House of Prayer

“I have known Ben Malmin for 18 years, and he has my highest level of endorsement. He has an acute mind, an incredible work ethic, and the ability to get the best out of those around him. Feel free to contact me with any questions.”  Mike Hennigan Senior Pastor  Victory Christian

“Not only is Ben responsive, trustworthy and friendly, but he is also knowledgeable and helpful. He is always willing to lend his expertise to a person, regardless if it will result in a client or not. Ben always has his client’s best interest in mind. I trust both Ben’s advise and his character. I would highly recommend Ben Malmin.”  Sarah Nashif Online Programs Director Portland Bible College

“One of Ben’s many strengths is that he asks the right questions. This lets him understand your problem and find the optimum solution. Ben walked me through the complication of buying family health insurance with calm and expertise. Whether you’re shopping for insurance or looking to hire a salesman with integrity and team spirit, you won’t be disappointed.” Greg Wheeler Client

“I have known Ben for many years, and have been struck by the consistency and excellence of his character. In that sense, Ben is a “throw-back” in that his word is his bond, and if he says something, you can trust that he will do all in his power to accomplish it. I have also benefited from Ben’s excellent service and research on my behalf as a client of his in the past. I can with great confidence recommend Ben without reservation, knowing that he will exceed your expectations in any capacity that he commits to.” October 3, 2010  Wayne Little CEO/CTO  Lit DATA Solutions

B Malmin 2010 resume



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