It’s Friday October 22 and here’s my favorite tweets of the week:

22 10 2010

@mashable Want to Control a Car With an iPad? There’s an App for That [VIDEO] –

@jeffmears: Just got my hardcopy of  @ToshaZwanziger’s new album “Pages.” you can get it online here:

@leadershipfreak Negative emotions may prompt instant action, but they don’t inspire people in the long term. #quote #leadership @tonyschwartz

@TonyMcCollum “Courage is fear that has said its prayers.” – Gregory of Nyssa

@RevRunWisdom “God is kinder than you think” -Mother Teresa

@leadershipfreak Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. #quote #humor Ann Landers

@fastcompany New York Whitewashes a Million Square Feet of Rooftop

@MikeSimsWalker: Jus got some great news from the doctor!!! Man prayer is amazing!!

@RWToolbox Knowing how big God is drove a small church to take on a global giant and make a huge difference

@MarcosWitt We made it to the Grand Canyon! //¡Llegamos al Gran Canyon!

@matkearney Lyrics and architecture.

@stevenfurtick My friend @andystanley ‘s new book The Grace of God is out today. Nobody says it like Andy:

@judahsmith: The best tweeter in the business…@wendyperez and in other news the Seahawks beat @carllentznyc  team!

@PBSPressRoom: On 10/26 @novaPBS explores the human drama of #chileanminers and the science that saved them.

@congressorg When is a campaign contribution a bribe? We answer your questions about Congress:

@jeffmears: “@Ritaspringer: Friends dad thought LOL meant Lots of Love.  So his message to friends were like “praying for your cancer to be gone,LOL!”.”

@UrbaniteMD The Urban Black Swan: Can we really predict the best cities for the next decade?

@StevetheGreat 27 stunning free psds from



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