My wife and I love watching The Food Network’s The Best Things I Ever Ate!

23 10 2010

My wife and I love watching The Food Network’s The Best Things I Ever Ate!

Food that is made with passion is such an amazing experience. Compared to the much less interesting processed foods that are eaten most often, by most of us. Great food that is made from real natural ingredients makes such amazing difference in flavor!

Every time I make coffee, with fresh beans, from my french press…people who have only had drip coffee LOSE THEIR HEADS! You can’t knock it until you try it!

Get yourself some Stumptown, or another coffee bean locally roasted, take care of the bean and then grind it while your water is boiling. Don’t make your coffee when the water is at boiling temp. WAIT. Then get your grinds in the press, add a bit of hot water, WAIT, add the rest of the water, WAIT, stir, WAIT, press, WAIT, and enjoy. The waiting is possibly the most important part of the process. You can’t rush something that good!

What’s good with coffee? A dish like Huevos Montelenos – Golden West Cafe (just a couple of blocks from our house) picked out by Duff Goldman – The Ace of Cakes of Charm City Cakes (which is also just a short jaunt from our house).

They do cakes in shapes you would never expect.

I love to eat. I love people who are passionate about what they do and how they live. It’s great to meet someone for the first time, who has an opinion.

This series gets an uninhibited honesty out of these hosts…just by getting them to talk about their favorite foods. It’s so enjoyable to hear a fun conversation about the good stuff in life.

Food has the potential to be so very passionate. Fast food has just wrecked our taking pleasure in eating. Sitting down to enjoy a great meal with friends and family should be one of the highlights of our week! If that’s the case, putting a little thought into what kind of food you want to enjoy has a whole new motivation.

There’s medical and psychological proof as to the benefits of laughter and food. I think that there really is something to this. We should all laugh more and enjoy what we eat more!

You should check out this show it’s a ton of fun! For the most part, you will love hearing these people who are so passionate about food describe their favorite dishes. It’s a great laugh and a good time to get the imagination going…instead of the usual novacane for the brain of typical TV.

Of course there are a few dishes that are really weird.

At the top of this post I included the link to the page about the show. Check it out!

Enjoy great food with your family and friends this week!



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