It’s Halloween Friday – Here’s my favorite tweets of the week:

29 10 2010

@g8wayaustin XXX Series starts this weekend –

@Mark_McAlister Ok, so wendy made stay in the car bc I a sedated from getting a tooth pulled. She didn’t say I couldn’t tweet, I am a jedi! And I am flying!

@RELEVANTmag Zach Galifianakis may be in the new Muppets film. Let’s be real, is there a Muppet he couldn’t play?

@brianbecker Please @PeteCarroll –> RT @Hasselbeck: “Can we wear the old Silver & Blue uni’s this week? That would be awesome!” #oldAFCwestRIVALRY

@SteveMartinToGo Wife swears she put tinfoil hat with copper propeller and ESP properties on kitchen table. GONE MISSING. FILLED WITH ANXIETY.

@CenteredinBmore Upcoming event: Dundalk Family Fun Festival (BGG Production for Little Kids Rock) – 10/30/2010 #baltimore

@Charm_CityCakes Great Scott!

@MrMichael_Smith Noticed that 2. RT @_jcruiz_: was it me or when the heat 3 were 2gether they played horrible but when it was just one of them they excelled

@1WinningDrive Rookie TEs May See More Time – The #Ravens want to keep Todd Heap fresh through a balanced number of snaps.

@Mondari The #BostonCeltics look like they are still in the #2010playoffs… They are playing with the same intensity.

@GeoffSurratt Las Vegas is REALLY quiet in the morning. Hmmm, I wonder why?

@cafehon Just one example of one of the Pumpkins Carved Last night at our carving contest… Come in an vote until October…

@CPFehrenbach Trusting means waiting which means patience must be present which means hope’s gotta be around & hope doesn’t disappoint #ps62 #rom5 #rom15

@pourmecoffee If you can vote early, you probably should on account of all the stomping and whatnot.

@UrbanBabyRunway Check us out in the November issue of Baltimore magazine on page 122! Thanks to the editor Janelle and Baltimore Magazine.

@Adam_Schefter DMN scribe Rick Gosselin: “Never thought I’d see the day that the Texas Rangers were more relevant in any October than the Cowboys.”

@MikeServello I highly recommend a small book by CJ Mahaney called “the Cross Centered Life.” it has really impacted me!

@rvagibbons Runnin off #espresso today.

@craigdyson Are you being encountered by God today? Take a moment to stop and look around you.

@ChipKawalsingh Take a moment, pause and read!

@GilbertehTan If you are looking for resources for Children’s Ministry, @samluce has got loads of resources. Check him out at

@bbjonline Baltimore Grand Prix inks sponsorship deals with five downtown hotels

@jskoepke “The Songs We Sing Make A Difference” // encouragement for all worship leaders & songwriters #fb

@talkhoops: I’m really loving this Blazers team. When Oden and Pryz come back, this is going to be a great team to watch every night.

@HuffingtonPost Kimmel Reveals How Charlie Sheen’s Publicist Copes (VIDEO)



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