Crips & Bloods: Made in America

30 10 2010

Crips & Bloods: Made in America

Most Americans have some kind of opinion about the impact that crack cocaine and gang members had on the late eighties and early nineties. It’s impossible to know what another person’s life was like.

Hearing someone’s life story is a great way to learn. This video production gives you a rare look into what it’s like inside the war between Crips and Bloods in LA. A war on US soil that has claimed over 15,000 lives. Generations of lives torn apart by conflict that can and must stop.

Here you find a real description of what the life is like. The initial groundwork of facts provides a helpful context for how this sort of tragedy builds. The interviews give you a real sense of just how trapped most gang members feel. You can feel the pain.

Growing up with one parent, working for a living, would be difficult for any child. Add to that living in a neighborhood without a support system to help… No child should have to see their parents, friends, and siblings buried.

I can’t imagine raising our kids without my wife. Let alone trying to do it while earning a living. We have helped people through this challenge before. Think about adding to that the pressure of not being able to find a decent job, as a parolee, and dealing with the cost of past mistakes.

Life without family, support system, and positive role models is a reality for millions around the world. When we live with the ability to help children in this situation – we live with the ability to improve our world.

Don’t look away when you see the faces of those who have lost so much, in the murder of a loved one. If we are going to change our country we must know just how much we are losing.

Our reality is that no major US city has enough help for our children to overcome the challenge of their real life. When a child’s life is ripped apart by drugs, prison, murder, violence, prostitution, and abuse… there should be help available.

Don’t you think?

Thankfully there’s real hope seen here. You’ll see great interviews with some of the men, including ex-gang members who are now working to change their communities. Having spent time in LA with people doing gang outreach, I’ve seen what this is really like.

There are many examples of people working on a few of the core problems addressed in this film. Probably too many for me to mention. One friend of mine, John Gray, is involved in just such an effort. Firebird The Movie will give you a glimpse of this work.

In LA, The Dream Center changes lives every day. I have visited their outreach center on a couple of occasions and it will cause you to question the validity of your own personal daily activities. Pastor Matthew Barnett and his team rescue teens and adults from the streets. There are many ways that they are positively changing LA. They have also served as a great pattern for other outreaches.

Bringing real change can be a daunting challenge.

It takes grace.

It takes hard work.

It takes love that lives a sacrifice.

It can be done.



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