Ben’s NFL Power Ranking after Week 8

4 11 2010

Here’s My NFL Power Ranking After the First Eight Weeks:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2

Don’t kid yourself. The Steelers have a schedule full of teams capable of getting a win just to ruin their shot at the playoffs. No one wants to say it, but it is possible they don’t make it to the playoffs. Can Big Ben be a Big Boy and stay out of trouble long enough for them to get far into the post season?

2. NY Giants 5-2 The top 5 should see plenty of shake up over the next four weeks, but Giants have good schedule. There should have 10 wins and definitely could end up at the top of the NFC. That doesn’t make them a tough team to beat, just lucky. You could say that Eli is lucky to have Archie as a dad and Peyton as a brother. Any way you look at it…retirement should be good for him.

3. Baltimore Ravens 5-2 The Ravens have a ton to prove coming off a couple of poor performances. I’m hoping that the bye week helps them correct a couple of issues.

Seems like the Ravens are not the Dirty Birds anymore. There’s a difference between playing hard and taking a cheap shot:

4. Green Bay Packers 5-3 The Packers are quite a bit better off with Rodgers v Favre. Now they have bigger issues. It’s been surprising that they didn’t do more to get a replacement running back. They will have to win on the OL and DL!

5. New Orleans Saints 5-3

They’ve seen way too much of this in real life:

Do You Agree With The Top 5?

6. New England Patriots 6-1 All respect for the coaching staff, but this is the weakest 6-1 team I’ve ever seen. Schedule has not been tough. They’ve done amazing work with the number of rookies starting on their defense. They should make the playoffs, but Pats fans have to be nervouse.

Is that Tom Brady or Justin Bieber playing quarterback?

7. Indianapolis Colts 5-2 Winners find a way to win. The next four weeks will tel us a whole lot about who this team really is. This may be the only team where the head coach is taking snaps on the field. They should do some free agent work on defense.

8. Atlanta Falcons 5-2 The dirty birds look legit this year. Definitely something to be concerned about. It’s going to be real interesting to see if they can come out of their next five games with 3 wins.

9. NY Jets 5-2 Despite my complete lack of confidence in Sanchez the Jets look tough. They should be able to walk into the playoffs, but will they have the momentum to matter? New stadium does not equal wins.

10. Kansas City Chiefs 5-2 How did the Chiefs turn it around? Lovie Smith better figure it out. Some people are trying to figure out if Coach Haley is crazy!

You just have to think that if the wheels start to come off it could get ugly.

He is a man.

11. Houston Texans 4-3 How many years in a row has this team looked like they might put together a playoff run, and then just faded away. This year looks like it just might be better. Beating the Colts might have been the most meaningful win of franchise history, but the Colts came back for revenge.

12. Tennessee Titans 5-3 Jeff Fisher is now one of the longest tenured coaches in the league. He’s a real man, but will his team leave him watching the success of other coaches?

13. Miami Dolphins 4-3

It’s way to early to be thinking about playoffs:

14. Philadelphia Eagles 4-3 I don’t know. I just don’t know.

15. Washington Redskins 4-4 Shanny has been busy getting JaMarcus Russell a workout. How do you think McNabb is feeling about this? Snyder has been taking lessons from and giving lessons to some of the worst sports franchise owners in history. Shanny knows how to win, but they’ve got to pull it together.

This could be Donovan’s future:

16.Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-2 Coach said that they’re the best team in the NFC. Now that’s funny. How can we forget about last year so quickly? Sorry, but I just don’t believe in this team. If you ranked them 25 I wouldn’t argue.

17. St. Louis Rams 4-4 Every once in a while the draft works out:

18. San Diego Chargers 3-5 Can Phillip Rivers actually will his way into the playoffs? Can he then actually do something with it? They should not have unloaded LT. They should have focused on a better O-line!

Don’t kid yourself the Chargers not only wish that Merriman wasn’t retired, they wish that they could have him back as a rookie. Sometimes reality is a tough pill to swallow.

19. Oakland Raiders 4-4 Let’s just say that the Seahawks felt the pain.

20. Minnesota Vikings 2-5

There’s a whole lot of Vikings, not named Favre, that think they can beat the Packers:

21. Chicago Bears 4-3 They have to find an offensive line.

Cutler will never be able to complete passes if he can’t stand up.

Some people say that with a possible lockout coming the NFL should be worried about the UFC gaining ground and becoming more popular. I don’t know. Fast, hard hitting, team sport versus a couple of guys knocking each other out…which you prefer?

22. Seattle Seahawks 4-3 Injuries again. The DL and OL are extremely beat up. Did they get this curse from the Trailblazers? They have to hope that they get some starters back. They are ranked first in the NFC West, but that division is horrible! They have a shot at getting into the playoffs, but it’s not pretty. If they can keep Paul Allen from pulling draft day drama like he did in Portland they just might have a shot to rebuild the franchise. These players know where the strength of the team is: 12th Man!

23. Cincinati Bengals 2-5 This could just be the most disappointing team in the NFL, this season. Here we have another Ohio team without an identity. They can be a tough opponent one week and then it seems like they just don’t care. Carson Palmer just seems awful.

24. Detroit Lions 2-5 They have played a whole lot better than this record! A boy named Su, from Portland, is absolutely dominant! Future Pro Bowler. The Lions have to be pleased with the play they have been seeing.

25. San Francisco 49ers 2-6 Troy Smith. What can Troy Smith do? They need to give him a shot. He’s small, but there’s a reason he won the Heisman at Ohio State. It’s possible that Singletary loses his job regardless.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-4 They’re not great. This will probably be the highest they get on the Rankings this year. For now, they have earned a little respect. Their OL and defense have been so so. They beat the Colts with a 59 yard field goal. That’s impressive!

27. Cleveland Browns 2-5 King Lebron took his talents to South Beach and Cleveland won’t be the same for a while. The Cinci game was their Super Bowl! Now they can settle back into who they are.

Just imagine what these coaches feel like:

28. Arizona Cardinals 3-4 You have to have a QB to win in this league. This team is no different than the Broncos, Cowboys, or Panthers. They should all be ranked 31. This team is awful!

29. Denver Broncos 2-6 This team should be just tied for 31. There’s no way they make it to 500. Young coaches don’t always pan out. I’ve got a feeling that McDaniels won’t be near as good as Gruden on TV.

30. Dallas Cowboys 1-6 It’s mind blowing to see 1.1 billion spent on a stadium and hundreds of millions spent in building a team, in hopes of playing a Super Bowl in their own house. That wasn’t going to happen this year. Ownership has to get a real coach and let him coach. Romo’s not a Super Bowl quarterback, and yet without him they are done! …so done that I actually left them off this list entirely on accident, but couldn’t figure out how the Bills were #31.

You have to think that Coach WADE Phillips has a better chance at product spokesman than NFL coach next year:

31.Buffalo Bills 0-7 This team is starting to look like they can win enough games this year to not be at the top of the draft next year. If you watch the games they are playing like they want to win…which is more than you can say for the Cardinals, Broncos, Cowboys, and Panthers! Fitzy is a Harvard man and that just might make a difference.

32.Carolina Panthers 1-6 …with the first pick in the NFL draft the Carolina Panthers select:

This team looks like they may not win another game.

That’s just bad football!

They thought things would get better without Delhomme. WRONG! They need D Williams and J Stewart to run the rock!

Just in case you’re wondering I did this while watching Monday Night Football.

When we moved Direct TV gave us 5 months of the NFL for free! So we can watch whatever game we want:



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