This week there’s some truly great stuff in my Favorite Tweets of the Week:

5 11 2010

@NYTimes A Guarded Optimism in Myanmar as Vote Nears

@HPCBarnabas: Loading up dental supplies for the Healing Hands dental outreach this weekend! #servolution

@RealJohnGray Watch The Heart Of Firebird on Vimeo! I need y’all to go c this…

@CEOofACT The modern commerce in humans rivals illegal drug trafficking in its global reach—and in the destruction of lives.

@NYKings: @mortreport Why not get him to Tenn. early to familiarize him with playbook?!? That would make sense. >> Nah, 3 or 4 routes

@washingtonpost Speaking of politicos losing Twitter handles, we’ve worked up list of victory/concession Tweets with @Storify:

@brianbecker: “You can’t need people and love people at the same time”
@pastormark #calibratenw

@EdStetzer Brrr in ATL! It’s colder than a legalist’s heart here today.

@BaltSunArts Tailgating at Ravens games: the best show in town.

@ChristaGibbons Prayin & thinkin about how to fit more Jesus,morepeople,more phone calls,& more productivity in2 my life. I feel starved for it. #GiveMore

@RevRunWisdom May u always b blessed with walls 4 the wind, a roof 4 the rain, laughter 2 cheer u & those u luv near u

@grantimahara: While walking in NYC’s Soho the other day with geek friends, I said “Wow, I feel +2 cooler!” Then I realized my mistake.

@judahsmith: God loved u yesterday so it proves He loves u today…for yesterday He knew what u would do today…so rest in His Love!

@ChristineCaine Just say YES more often today…. You might be surprised with the outcome …. Limitless possibilities can be realized with a simple YES

@MidnightSunBlog will you shell out the big bux for #U2?

@HousefromDC ..Because this isn’t his 1st cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-

your-face behavior turn.  Denver went 2-3 in ’06 after he benched Plummer for Cutler 

@gfriend: It’s easier to teach skills to values than to teach values to skills.

@THE_REAL_SHAQ Shaq-A-Claus is back! reporting for Toys for Tots duty!  Dats right I’m teaming with Toys“R”Us again to give back!!

@CEOofACT War kills, maims, destroys, takes captive & oppresses. So does human trafficking. Why aren’t we in full scale mobilisation? Steve Graham

@PerryNoble I know this is a repeat…but EVERY DUDE needs to download “Killa” by @lecrae right now and listen to it over and over!  Eye opening!

@PrattLibrary “12 Real Books by Fake People”

@kinggimp going to vote, then flip between indecision 2010, dirty jobs, and maybe cnn/local news.

@PastorMark “If knowledge is the accumulation of facts, and intelligence the development of reason, wisdom is heavenly discernment.” J. Oswald Saunders

@RainnWilson The Funniest Rally Signs

@CharmCityGavin Robonaut 2 is cool and all, but does it play Daft Punk songs? #nasatweetup

@UrbaniteMD “I really believe in this, working locally and building communities one neighborhood at a time. It works.”

@jonathanforeman “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” -Albert Einstein

@mashable 5 Website Designs That Blew Us Away [Mashable Awards] –

@mashable 10 Fun Doodling Apps to Unleash Your Creativity –

@kirkfranklin nobody pays 2 c football players stay in a huddle the whole game. they wanna see the public results of that private meeting. same for you..

@BrianCHouston: No mature christian, who is seasoned in the word, has any defendable excuse for living offended!

@maurilio – This is wrong!! Frying Twinkies. Really.

@washingtonpost An APB for a good Samaritan: D.C. man seeks stranger who returned coat, and cash, lost on Metro

@jskoepke Think I may have discovered greatness in a cup: hot apple cider with a caramel Sugar Daddy stir stick! :) #fb



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