Neslon Mandela & Best of New Tech in Favorite Tweets on Intl Man Day:

19 11 2010

@LIVESTRONG: A fantastic piece on @NPR this morning

The history of cancer and the evolution of how we talk about the disease.

@jtalaiver: Is that a 20 ft fountain in the middle of the banquet hall… yes it is…

@ChristineCaine AMAZING afternoon with girls rescued thru @TheA21Campaign. Every ONE is why we do what we do. Gut wrenching stories but future full of hope

@PopSci: Best of What’s New 2010: Our 100 Innovations of the Year

@PrattLibrary Cornel West to Jay-Z: “You have the courage to be yourself.” #nypl

@JosephPrince: if u knew the length, breadth, height & depth of His perfect love 4 u, would u still remain anxious, stressed & worried?

@heretolead so my wife decides to let kids have all you can eat candy for 30 minutes, right before i walk in the door.  hmm….

@CEOofACT “To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela

@bbjonline From today’s BBJ: Very few people signing up for federal health benefits for high-risk patients. #HCR

@CornelWest #Love forces you to deal with the Funk! This is why many of us are afraid of love. #mistakesmenmake



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