Ear Candy Saturdays EXTRA – What does the Blues have to do with Amazing Grace?

20 11 2010

Tinkering around with the guitar I uncovered the blues: Albert King, Robert Johnson, and even some Ray Charles. The blues can be something that people just don’t understand. You can’t just pass by the window and smell the fresh baked bread – no, you have to sit down and taste it for a while…to really appreciate what’s going on.

We love to sing when we’re miserable:

What? You don’t know who Albert King is? Here’s a clip of him playing with SRV and BB King:

Here’s a more classic look at Albert King:

It’s hard to talk about the roots of the blues without mentioning Robert Johnson:

If you’re going to discuss the roots of the music…well, everyone has known pain in some way and we all express it different ways…if you’re going to talk about music: the blues is written in the pentatonic scale. That is where Eric Clapton has made a living.

oh and BB King

If you want to learn how to play the blues…well, Wintley Phipps discusses the “blues” scale in this clip. You’ve got to see this:

It’s simple really.

You have to have a story to tell, the courage to write it, the guts to sing it out loud with passion, and the “blues” scale to play it on. With all of that combined you can sing your blues away….and possibly become a millionaire.



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