Opportunity to create a new world for freedom and justice.

24 11 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

“We thank God for our homes and our food and our safety in a new land. We thank God for the opportunity to create a new world for freedom and justice.”

This is reported to be a line from the prayer at the first Thanksgiving feast (from the Washington Post).

For some reason this really struck me today. Rebecca and I packed up our family this past August. We moved to Baltimore to start a church from scratch. We have settled into new homes with a similar hope.

This week I am thankful for our homes, our food (you know I love to eat), and our safety in a new land. I thank God for the opportunity to create something new. I believe that our work will bring a spiritual freedom for people who do not yet know Jesus Christ.

Here’s one of the verses that lead us to Baltimore:

“Let this be recorded for future generations,
so that a people not yet born will praise the Lord.”

Psalm 102:18

It’s important for you to know that we would not be here if it were not for the generations before us, of faithful believers working for a generation that would come. We’ll say thank you (via skype) to our families who have made this possible. And I also want to say thank you to the generations of believers that sacrificed so that City Bible Church would be possible.

The work we do now is as much for the future as it is for the present.

We believe that there will be some who will join us, that knew Jesus before we started. Yet we also believe that most who will join us will come to know Christ through us: in our homes, on the street, in our beautiful city, and at their work place. I BELIEVE.

I believe we work for the future. We live to help people know the peace and freedom we have in Jesus Christ.

When William Brewster thanked God for safety most of their number had died between the time they set out from Europe and that Thanksgiving Day. When he thanked God for safety and justice they were searching for freedom from religious persecution. They had been punished for their faith.

Baltimore has long been a city that celebrated a freedom of religion. I pray that we will be free to live and speak what we believe. I pray that this will bring change to the city.

We want to serve the city in a way that will help people find real freedom. No more fear, hate, divorce, cancer, addiction, murder, and slavery to selfishness. May God’s true freedom again be the reputation of Baltimore!

This week, we thank God for our homes that will be a place people can find freedom!

A Charlie Brown look at the Thanksgiving prayer:

If you want more tidbits from the web – Wiki on First Thanksgiving:




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