Ben’s NFL Power Rankings after Week 12

30 11 2010

Here’s My NFL Power Ranking After the First 12 Weeks:

…based on what they’ve done this season, strength of current team, schedule, and chances in the playoffs.

1. New England Patriots 9-2

They say that the younger the average age of a team – the more likely they are to be able to get better toward the end of the season.They practice more than the vets. The coaches can do more to improve the team. So that would mean that….

Belichick as a baby:

2. Philadelphia Eagles 7-4

Vick played the Skins defense like a 12 year old schools a 50 year old in Madden:

3. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-3

Is it possible that Vick faces the Roethlisberger in the Super Bowl? An all Pennsylvania Bowl in Cowboys stadium? If Jerry Jones doesn’t explode the moral police just might shut down the power in the stadium!

4. Green Bay Packers 7-4

Green Bay Packers are looking strong. They’ve overcome a bunch of injuries. You know the cheeseheads are Packer Backers:

5. Baltimore Ravens 8-3

It’s been great living in a football town this year! This place is crazy about the Ravens. Never seen so many people wear NFL jerseys to work on a Friday! Flacco had the best passer rating of all quarterbacks this year going into last weekend’s game. He threw his first pick at home. They got a win against another 7 win team. Nothing to shake a stick at.

All of Baltimore is asking if the Ravens have the heart of a champion?

They’ve definitely raised the blood pressure around here, with a few too many wins that were not all that convincing. Truth is plenty of people around here are just waiting wondering if the wheels are going to come off. They’ve got a shot in the playoffs. It is possible that the AFC Championship Game will again be better than the Super Bowl itself!

Do You Agree With The Top 5?

6. NY Giants 7-4

You may not respect Eli, but the NY Football Giants – you must respect:

7. San Diego Chargers 6-5

Philip Rivers for MVP? Can they play the rest of the season the way that they played the Colts? Will every team play as poorly as the Colts receiving corp did?

8. Atlanta Falcons 9-2

They may not have Rivers, but they do have one of the league’s best under 30 quarterbacks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them beat the Chargers or the Giants at home, but that’s as far as I can go.

9. New York Jets 9-2

Young Mark Sanchez is going to feel like he’s in one of those spinning tea cups when it comes time for AFC Playoffs. They’re a strong team, but I wouldn’t bank on him throwing out of a spin.

10. New Orleans Saints 8-3

Crazy thing is that the Saints, as the defending Super Bowl Champs, are a sleeper pick to defend their title. They’ve got some stars starting to get healthy again and I wouldn’t want to face Brees in a game that matters.

11. Indianapolis Colts 6-5

Peyton is putting up another MVP style performance, but it’s just not enough this year. It’s really too bad that Addai, Garcon, Bob Sanders, and the D couldn’t come close to matching his effort. Maybe it will be Commissioner Peyton by 2012.

12. Kansas City Chiefs 7-4

They’re not as good as their record, but they could make some noise leading up to the playoffs. Next year? Could be a return of the Red in Arrowhead.

13. Miami Dolphins 6-5

Maybe next year. This Defense has to stiffen up.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-4

Soft schedules lead to soft teams. Raheem looked like he was losing any grip on reality during the Ravens game. Too bad. He looked good when he was saying, “Stats are for losers. You keep going for stats. We’ll keep going for wins.”

15. Chicago Bears 8-3

This team might leapfrog up into the Top 10 by next week. Hard to tell at this point. They have to keep Cutler on his feet.

16. Cleveland Browns 4-7

The Dog Pound has definitely kept one of the toughest schedules in the league and that matters.

17. Houston Texans 5-6

At the end of the season will the results be much different than years past?

18. Tennessee Titans 5-6

Is it possible to feel sorry for a multi-millionaire?

19. Oakland Raiders 5-6

Well, they can finally run the ball. If they can protect Campbell and give him a system to work for a good stretch. They may see good things.

20. Minnesota Vikings 4-7

Chilly is just one of a few coaches that are thinking about golf more than football right now.


21. Washington Redskins 5-6

McNabb, Cooley, and Arakpo want to play football! They need to get more of the team inspired to play despite Snyder.

22. St. Louis Rams 5-6

It’s almost a shame that they have as much of a chance to be in the playoffs as the Colts. They finally got Steven Jackson a player of similar quality in Sam Bradford.

23. Cincinati Bengals 2-9

This is a team that’s much better than their record. This cannot be the first year that the Bungals have been the Most Disappointing Team in the NFL!

24. Seattle Seahawks 5-6

The rookies and free agents are actually looking good…despite being very inconsistent. These players know where the strength of the team is: 12th Man! Maybe Pete Carrol’s connection with Will Farrel will help ’em out!

25. Jacksonville Jaguars 6-5

The Jags and Garrard have definitely made for some entertaining football this year. Where will they be playing in the future?

Can you say, “Los Angeles Jaguars”? Nah, they’ll probably rename the team something like the “LA Quake”…Quakers?

26. Denver Broncos 3-8

Josh McDaniels may be the youngest NFL coach playing golf for all of the 2011 season.

Maybe one of these guys can coach, another hold for kicks, and a third play quarterback…but which one will do which?

27. Detroit Lions 2-9

What? You don’t have more than 2 wins? I want to show you my shocked face:

28. Dallas Cowboys 3-8

Who will Jerry Jones fire next?

29. San Francisco 49ers 4-7

The question now, after Mike’s fate is decided, is how will they rebuild?

30. Arizona Cardinals 3-8

Some national media “experts” really expected this team to win the division and get a couple of rounds into the playoffs. Great stadium, I hear, but gon’na need winning seasons to fill it.

31. Buffalo Bills 2-9

This team achieved their goal and got off the bottom of the pile.

32. Carolina Panthers 1-10

…with the first pick in the NFL draft the Carolina Panthers select:

This team looks like they may not win another game.

That’s just bad football!

Let’s just say that paying attention to the NFL gets the competitive juices flowing:

Just in case you’re wondering I did this while watching Monday Night Football.

When we moved Direct TV gave us 5 months of the NFL for free! So we can watch whatever game we want:



One response

30 11 2010
Dan Jaudon

Green Bay at 4 and Atlanta at 8 . I guess you didnt see the game this week. The 9-2 Jets and 8-3 saints below the 6-5 Chargers? Looks like you have bought in to Vickmania and in Raheem’s reality an interception is an interception not a simultaneousness catch. Take it easy on my Bucs theres no crime in winning the games your supposed to……. Great blog Ben, Blessings to you and your family and have a Merry Christmas.

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