007, WikiLeaks, Dyson making housecleaning manly, and Cyber Monday in my fave tweets of the week:

3 12 2010

@FastCompany: Infographic: Comparing Black Friday to Cyber Monday http://bit.ly/9yE1KZ

@fastcodesign: Soccer Ball That Serves as a Virtual Referee Wins Worldwide Award: http://bit.ly/fODseg

@jtalaiver After long easy drive finally home… back in Bmore and happy too… I truly missed the city… :)

@kevinrose looking for geeky holiday gifts? here is my 2010 geek gift guide: http://bit.ly/hvRi1C

@philmunsey “I hated every minute of training-but I said-don’t quit. Suffer now & live the rest of your life as a champion.”-Muhammad Ali

@timhughes77 Speaking on holiness at school today – made the minor mistake of saying 2 thousand and sex, rather than 2006! Freud would have a field day!

@craiggroeschel: Pride is spiritual cancer. It eats up the very possibility of love, contentment, or even common sense. CS Lewis

@gregsurratt Fascinating real life cyber tech spy story happening as we speak. What are the implications? http://ow.ly/1rJYDJ

@TallyWilgis I’m a fan of free speech but not of WikiLeaks. This incident will hamper U.S. foreign policy for many years to come.



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