Ear Candy Saturdays: Let’s Go Surfing and Enjoy the Silence

4 12 2010

Ear Candy Saturday

Don’t you love finding something new? Here’s a few bands that are doing things a bit different.

Tell me what you think about it

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

It’s always great to have heard a song before you hear it in a commercial.

Animal Collective – My Girls

Baltimore boys grew up not far from our new home.

Nada Surf – Enjoy the Silence

…if you don’t know much about this team you need to learn more about their work.

Sunbears! – Little Baby Pines

weird, right? …but you want to listen to it again!

Josh Garrels – Freedom

I remember the first time I heard a great artist on the streets of NYC, subway station even. So cool…and years later saw her on Oprah…my wife pulled it up on the DVR, only way I see Oprah…at any rate, this artist gives me that same feeling. Has to be hours and hours of working on his own to arrive at this sound.

Matisyahu – Old City Beatbox mix

….here’s an artist worth talking about…I prefer this video as an AUDIO ONLY…

So much to say here…how about simply…this artist knows the value of time spent alone, quiet, and working hard at his craft.



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