Thank You to all US military including my Grandpa!

7 12 2010

On this anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor I wanted to say a quick thank you to all who have served our country.

Thank you to all US military. Thank you to all surviving veterans of World War II.

This includes my Grandfather John Casson who served as a Merchant Marine in WWII.

Thank You!



One response

10 12 2010
Glenda Malmin

This makes my heart rejoice and my eyes tear up. What a great generation the WWII generation was/is. I am blessed to have such a wonderful, sacrificial, and joyful father.
And yet, will this generation not do even more?! We have many who are fighting in ‘wars & rumors of wars,’ and some who, like yourself and so many other Christians, are fighting the ‘war unseen by the natural eye & yet most significant one’ in the 21st century. I am as proud of you as I am of my father!

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