Merry Christmas from Baltimore!

15 12 2010

On a recent return trip from Virginia our children let out a spontaneous cheer, “Yeah! Baltimore! We’re Home!” as the downtown skyline came into view. We love our city and we love our neighborhood!

We would love to share personal stories with you, just ask!

Thank you so very much for praying for us and the church plant in Baltimore! In a few short months we have settled in and we are thrilled to see the foundation of this church plant taking shape. We are so happy with the quality of our core group and their sacrifice!

Quality connections are being built with neighbors, co-workers, schools, and other churches. Our team is seeing opportunity at every turn!

In 2011, our weekly core group meeting will become a weekend service. Our small groups will be starting. Our community service will grow. We aim to reach our first 100 not-yet-believers to connect them with Jesus Christ.

Here are a few things we are praying for now:

1.       We are constantly praying for our city! May God push back the darkness seen in murder, drugs, violence, and the tragedy lived out by so many children! May they all be drawn to repentance and His mercy!

2.       Divine Appointments. Pray that our relationships with not-yet-believers would bring fruit in their lives. So many families to be reached and over 100,000 college students in the city.

3.       Community Service. Pray our initial service in the public school will grow into much more. Pray that we will find many more ways to serve the city.

4.       “Laborers.” Jesus told us, in Mt 9, to pray for more team members to help the work. Please pray that this will happen for us in 2011. Small group leaders, worship leaders, all sort of volunteers.

We believe that this year will be HUGE! Millions need a life giving relationship with Jesus! We are building the foundation of a church designed to help them find it!

Every week we share in worship, prayer, full kids program, and discussion. Once a month we share communion. We are building a great savings account for the expenses of full blown weekend services in 2011.

If you would like to receive monthly updates: please email me at to be added to our monthly prayer update email list.

If you would like to donate: please visit Click on Donations, Online Giving, when you click on “Categories” you will see “Other” select it and then “Baltimore Church Plant” will be an available option. Thanks in advance!

If you would like more info on this, please go to the “Discussions” post on this subject at the CBCBaltimore facebook group page.

Please do take time to pray with us! God is our source. Your prayer is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for agreeing with us in prayer! Merry Christmas!

Pastor Ben, Rebecca, Charlotte, & Gideon Malmin with the whole CBCBaltimore Team!



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