youngest UFC champ stops thief on the day of the fight

23 03 2011

Jon Jones, a 23 year old from Rochester NY, became the youngest UFC Champ last Saturday night. I wasn’t able to see the fight, but this guy has his head on straight. His interview shows a humble guy who understands hard work. Check this out. I wish every athlete who talked about God would talk like this guy. (watch the interview at the “check this out” link above.)

The day of the fight, he & his trainers went to a nearby park to see a waterfall, but ended up stopping a thief. You can hear his trainer tell the story here.

It looks like he might have to fight his training partner, Rashad Evans next. That could be interesting.

Thursday March 24th he will be the first UFC fighter to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

You can find him on Twitter@jonnybones



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23 03 2011
Nick Blevins

His brother (Art) plays for the Ravens, which is pretty cool.

23 03 2011
Ben Malmin

I did not know that. Pretty cool:

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