Ear Candy Saturday on the Rooftops with a Beautiful Step

2 04 2011

Just for the love of listening to music for the first time. I have found that there are times when the less you know about an artist before you hear their song – the more likely you are to actually hear what the lyric is expressing.

Ok, sorry, too deep for an Ear Candy post with your morning coffee.

I say that to say…try listening to these tracks without pre-judging the artist by name or reputation. You just might be surprised.


A Beautiful Exchange


One Thing Remains

Beautiful Step on the first link you have to wait out the audience clapping over the first 60 seconds to get into the song, kind of annoying, but worth it.

Happy Saturday morning to you – enjoy the tunes here…keep looking for something new and always support artists who write, play, and record their own material!



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