No excuse for Big Ben Roethlisberger.

4 04 2011

There’s a rumor going around that the Steelers lost the Super Bowl because Big Ben got a concussion in the first half.

BJ Raji did get a direct (and I would have to say CLEAN) hit on Big Ben. There was 1:31 left in the half and the score was GB 21 Pittsburgh 3. Ben definitely gets rocked. His head hits the turf. He takes off his helmet and the Steelers took a time out so the TV coverage went to commercial. So it’s possible, but I don’t know.

Right way, Big Ben threads a needle with an 18 yard pass to Hines Ward for a first and goal. Then another pass to Ward for the touchdown. Looked sharp to me.

It seems like an excuse. Ben had already thrown two interceptions, prior to the hit. Their game plan seemed to be an attempt to establish the run. You would have expected them to pass more (prior to the supposed concussion) when two of the Packers best, in Woodson and Shields, head to the locker room with injuries. Pittsburgh Nation: that comes down to play calling & coaching.

The Steel Curtain defense just could not stop Green Bay from grinding out the drives they needed to stay in control. Jennings rightly screams, “Thank You God!” along with every Packer Backer. Green Bay let Pittsburgh hang around (just like they did in way too many games this year) and showed a character weakness that you would have to say minimizes the likelihood that they will repeat.

It’s now GB 31 Pittsburgh 25 with less than 2 minutes in the game. The Steelers suffered from two straight passing plays where there was a clear miss-communication between Big Ben & his receivers. Sure looked like the receivers didn’t know where they were supposed to be. Green Bay’s Defense wins the game and Jennings is jumping around shouting, “To God be the Glory!”

What can I say? It’s Monday night and I don’t want to hear bad news about the NFL CBA this week. Come on! Work it out!



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