William Donald Schaefer’s passion for Baltimore

27 04 2011

William Donald Schaefer’s passion for Baltimore had him saying a few things that we can learn from today. Today Baltimore remembers Mr Schaefer. He was a citizen then the Mayor of Baltimore City and the Governor of Maryland. During his service, he saw citizens fleeing the city after the riots of the late 60’s, a bad economy, and the departure of the Baltimore Colts. And yet he accomplished much to the benefit of our great city!

The Baltimore Sun wrote, “In four terms as mayor and two as governor, he was a champion of big projects that transformed Baltimore: Harborplace, Camden Yards, the National Aquarium, the Convention Center and the light rail among them. Yet he was also intensely involved with the mundane details of city neighborhoods. As mayor, he would patrol the city at night and on weekends, calling city officials to demand immediate action to fill a pothole or clean a garbage-strewn alley.”

He was apparently a fiery and at times controversial leader. Yet he had an undeniable passion for the City of Baltimore. He was known to say a number of things. Here are a few we can learn from:

Who are you going to help today?

Mayor Schaefer was know to open his Mayoral Cabinet meetings by asking this question to each of his key leaders. He carried an expectation that every leader look to help an average person, beyond their job description, with a help that is real.

What is going on now?

Mayor Schaefer was found back in his office after the celebration that opened Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, back at work. When asked what he was doing he said, “That was earlier today. What is going on now?” It seems that he was focused on working for solutions now and not resting on his laurels.

Do it now!

Mayor Schaefer was known to say to government leaders and employees, “Do it now!” As the stories are told he did not have a patience for procrastination.

Baltimore is the best!

Mayor Shaefer had an undeniable enthusiasm for Baltimore City. Even his fiercest political opponents had to admit today that he helped a city in trouble reach new highs. If only each one of us would look at people and our work the same way! Get a vision for the future, believe the best, and work hard every day toward solutions!



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