“There’s no defeat in Jesus” wrote my Grandma Leona…

29 05 2011

“There’s no defeat in Jesus” wrote my Grandma Leona during one of the most difficult seasons of her life. As a family we celebrated her life this past week, after her passing.

I am so very grateful for her prayer, over me & family, throughout my life! She saw so very clearly the church we are working to build in Baltimore. She is an amazing woman and full of grace!

Grandma Leona had a secret that changed my life. It was the kind of secret that’s out in the open. She knew the power of praying for someone else. She knew that prayer brings change. She knew that when you pray for someone, by name with specifics, God brings change. Not only does God bring change to the person you are praying for, but He also brings change to you.

This is a choice. It’s a discipline. It has changed my life. My marriage, our parenting, my friendships, and my church life are all much better as a result of praying for other people. Please give it a try.

Here’s a video of our memories with Grandma Leona:



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29 05 2011
Glenda Malmin

Well-said. Your grandmother was absolutely an anointed, prophetic, intercessory pray-er. You are so right. One life can make a difference in prayer. One natural life plugged into our super-natural God can make a ‘forever’ kind of difference. I am forever grateful to have been loved and accepted by her. Glenda Malmin

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