You might be surprised by the things you learn from building a wall.

19 06 2011

There’s a great story in the Bible that’s worth your time. Nehemiah lead a successful effort to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. He returned to the city to lead nearly 50,000 people in the process of rebuilding and resettling the city. The walls were rebuilt and the gates were restored. It took time, but it was worth the effort. This happened as a result of his hearing about the reality the city was facing and reading the Bible.

When you read excerpts of Nehemiah chapters 1-9 you may find a few useful lessons. I’m not going to spell it all out here, but please read it and reflect and these brief points. I’ve listed the corresponding chapters etc.

  1. Aware of reality. 1:3
  2. Compassion leads to prayer. 1:4
  3. Confessing sin. 1:6
  4. Recognize God’s promise. 1:9
  5. Plan to work. 2:1-20
  6. Work in team. 3
  7. Guard the family. 4
  8. Keep your promises. 5
  9. Work with determination. 6:9
  10. Listen closely to the Bible. 8:3
  11. Celebrate the Bible. 8:10

When you’ve had a fresh start you want to learn as much about God as possible.

Don’t be intimidated at reading the Bible. Just try it.

Reading about the lives of others and God’s interaction will teach you more about Him.

It will provide you information, inspiration, and guidance at the least.

David wrote, I will study your commandments and reflect on your ways.” Psalm 119:15

When you read about God you will learn about God.



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