ear candy – your emotional baggage just went gold

6 08 2011

My favorite guitar ad came from Gibson. It read, “Your emotional baggage just went gold.” It seems that heart break can lend itself to some of the best song writing. The struggle of life and the search for something better can cause an artist to write some of the most honest lyrics you’ve ever heard. You know it when you hear it.

Ear Candy Saturday Morning and how about starting off with a cup of coffee and some music you just haven’t gotten around to listening to yet???

One thing is certain: new music is being made every day and there’s something new out there for everyone!

Mat KearneyShips in the Night

This song expresses that longing for something better. The new album “Young Love” from the Oregon boy is making a splash right now. He has benefited from the work of fellow believer and celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart (who is definitely worth checking out). Honestly, I don’t care what you think about my musical taste (with this pick). I just wanted to promote Mat. As a fellow Christ follower and Oregonian. I respect his work ethic as an artist.

Kye Kye – Rooftops

Listening to music can be some of the great stuff of life! Listening for what the artist is really trying to communicate can be even more rewarding. Rooftops speaks of the element of faith you want to shout about. Estonia born siblings can make some great music, including a cover of “With or Without You”. You have to appreciate the way that they are not shy about their faith and conversion experience.

Eisley – Smarter

The DuPree sisters have been honest about the faith in Christ, struggles in walking away from Warner Bros., and the pain of divorce. Honesty is always worth a listen.

Cold War Kids – Sensitive Kid

Nathan Willett lost his faith in Christ through his parent’s divorce. Both parents worked in Christian ministry and the divorce left him adrift.

Bon Iver – For Emma

This handheld camera walk around Montreal’s not so tourist areas…a perfect palette cleanser from the previous songs.



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