Charlotte’s Birthday Dolphin Surprise: Video Post

11 08 2011

Charlotte gets to pet a dolphin on her 8th birthday at the Baltimore Aquarium.


Since our first trip to the aquarium Charlotte has wanted to pet the dolphin. With every dolphin show they bring up some one to have this experience. A year ago Charlotte was told that the youngest person they allowed was eight years old. She’s been waiting for this opportunity with excitement. When we arrived today the staff informed us that there had been a few changes to the dolphin show and now the age limit was ten. Rebecca talked her through the disappointment and helped her pray that God would provide another opportunity.

When we later went to the dolphin show Charlotte was told that she was today’s volunteer! She was thrilled!

She gets a little bit more of an experience that she expected. Almost every other kid we’ve seen do this only got to pet the dolphin. A couple were able to cue the dolphin to shake it’s head. Charlotte was able to do even more, but at a price. Enjoy the fun!



2 responses

11 08 2011
Heather Wade-Young

Oh! Thank you for sharing this video. It made me cry knowing how much this experience meant to her. Happy Birthday Charlotte! Much love from Aunt Heather :)

15 10 2011
Susan S. Palmer

Charlotte, this is So special. I am so happy you had the gift of persuasive speech, to talk them into letting you do this at 8! That is the Psalm 5:12 “favor of God” I believe will always be on your life.

God bless you dear, Susan Palmer

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