What help does @CBCBaltimore offer online?

23 08 2012
Today it occurred to me that you might not be aware of the online resources that we do have available to you. So here goes:
Our church web site: http://www.cbcbaltimore.com/
Most likely there is something that you don’t know about our church that you could learn here.
  (where you can listen to past sermons, if you don’t use iTunes.)  http://www.cbcbaltimore.com/audiosermons/
If you use iTunes, just search us in the audio podcast section of the “store” City Bible Church Baltimore.
  (iTunes is a great place to listen to sermons, free!)
  Also, emailing this to a friend or posting it on facebook/twitter etc may be a great way to help them feel comfortable with the church idea.
My blog:
www.benmalmin.com for quicker updates etc.
  (This may help you get to know Rebecca and I. It may also help your weekly Bible study etc.)
Our church facebook page:
  (of course you can find Rebecca and I on facebook using our names and email addresses.) This is a great way to share your church with your facebook addicted friends.
  Honestly, I would love it if we started to see occasional pictures, testimonies of answered prayer, and/or local happenings posted here by our church attenders!
  (We do also keep up a facebook “group” page for more than 600 people who pray for us and you! Please let me know if you would like to post to it.)
@BenMalmin and @CBCBaltimore
  It seems that most of our current group doesn’t use twitter, which is fine. Rebecca, Joe, Anna, Nate, Steve, and I do.
  Please consider this: it is a great way for us to communicate with each other, learn more about Baltimore, share prayer requests, and you can get a daily encouragement from me and/or the church leadership team.
  Maybe, you should try it.
Youtube playlist of some of the songs we sing: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3D3761C659546772 or you can search for my channel “benmalmin”
  (Also, this may be a fun way for you to suggest songs that you’d like to sing.)
Our network of churches is: http://www.mfi-online.org/ They do offer a variety of resources that I would be happy to pass on to you (on a variety of topics). Please let me know if you’re interested.
  (The national fall conference October 1-4 is for their 25th anniversary and it’s going to be awesome!)
Our pastor from Portland is www.frankdamazio.com and the home church is http://www.citybiblechurch.org/ Our Bible College is http://www.portlandbiblecollege.org/ and their online school is awesome!
Our “regional rep” The House of Prayer Pastor Stephen & Sharon Stells: http://hop.org/
  (They will be hosting an amazing fall youth conference: November 8-10.) http://originsconference.com/
Online version of the “Pursue” book and devotional journal: http://www.pursuegod.com/
Also, there are a variety of updates that I get regularly from some of the missionaries that we support. Please feel free to let me know if you would like any of these.
There’s more, but I think this is good for now.
Please feel free to call, text, or email me whenever you like.
Ben Malmin, Pastor
City Bible Church



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