Do you need a fresh start?

15 10 2012

There it is all spread out on the floor of the grocery store, what used to be jar of pickles. You were just trying to help mom out. It slipped out of your hands and crash! Broken glass and pickle juice everywhere!

We have all been in a place where we wanted a fresh start.

Fresh Start – a second chance at life.

By turning away from our sin and turning to Jesus we are provided an opportunity to be new.

At City Bible Church Baltimore we like to say, “there are no perfect people allowed and we all need a fresh start”.

Jesus created a word picture “born again”. He explained what this meant. You can find it in The Bible, in John chapter 3.

A man named Nicodemus asks Jesus questions that prompt Jesus to create this word picture of being born again, as a fresh start from God.

One author described what Jesus said this way: “To cause to be completely reformed or improved; to form or bring into existence again; to re-establish on a new basis; to be spiritually reborn, as by a religious conversion.” “the change brought about by justification.” “It is a ‘re-genesis’ or a new beginning, a creative act of God.”

Another, John Wesley, described it this way after having seen many people go through this experience, it was as God was “enabling them to boldly say, ‘You have loved me; You have given Yourself for me.'”

When we begin to accept the love of God we are changed. At time of repentance, through confessing faith in (turn away from evil and turn to light), regardless of physical experience there is a spiritual change by the grace of God. He initiates and He completes our salvation.

What can we learn from John 3:16?

  1. Love is God’s Motive
  2. Jesus is God’s Mirror
  3. Invitation is Whoever
  4. Mistake to Perish
  5. Benefit of Eternal Life

You see forgiveness is free. Ask for it.

Over and over the stories of the Bible shows God rewarding people who were active learners.

What can we learn from Nicodemus?

1. Make Time
2. Be Honest
3. Empty Yourself
4. Become Intimate
Please make an attempt at these steps. When you do please consider this about your fresh start:
  • You are new.
  • You are saved.
  • You have eternal life.
  • You will not be judged.

At City Bible Church we’re taking a look at what it means when God gives you a Fresh Start.



One response

7 05 2011
Glenda Malmin

Nicodemus was a brilliant man historically & he took these steps — I guess I can too even though I’m neither brilliant or stupid — just somewhere in between. I suppose if Nico thought Jesus had something to offer that’s definitely worth pondering.

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