Praying through our Big 3

24 01 2013

Connect –

People would have a personal encounter with Jesus (at each CBCB gathering).
Every time we gather, Jesus would be expanded in our view.
Not-yet-believers that we are building relationships with would come to repentance.
Each of us would meet new people and grow new relationships.
Sundays & LG would grow in attendance supernaturally and through “God ideas” for us.
More people would find life giving relationships in CBCB.
MIRACLES – more people finding the salvation and healing power of Jesus!

Grow –

Each CBCB attender would grow in their faith walk.
People who feel stuck in their growth would experience freedom through Jesus & help from others.
Every time we gather, each believer would find something to help their growth.
Each of us would find ways to help others within CBCB grow spiritually.
That God would help us grow the number of Life Groups, with specific purpose.
We would see and regularly celebrate spiritual growth in each CBCB member.
2013 would be a year where CBCB members THRIVE in their lives, marriages, influence, jobs!

Share –

Each CBCB attender would learn to live like Jesus and share His love, sharing their resources.
Courageous Generosity would exceed our expected giving amount and be a blessing to others.
Every Life Group would find new and creative ways to share God’s love with expanded groups of people.
The growing Dream Team would constantly share life and reproduce such leadership in others.
Our efforts in Baltimore City, some through non-profits, would be guided by God & fruitful.
CBCB members would be inspired and equipped to share their faith with others.
2013 would be a year of increased Jesus influence from us to others!

Prayer Matters! Let’s Do This!



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