Questions from Love in the City

28 02 2013

Here’s a few questions, that you can ask yourself (upon reading Ephesians), to consider one BIG QUESTION: “Who Am I?”

How do I view myself? Do I see myself the way that God does, worthy of sacrifice?

Do I see myself needing a Savior in much the same way as anyone else?

Do I see God as “rich in mercy”? Do I see my salvation as a gift that I can’t take credit for?

Is God’s love for me truly enough for me?

Do I see myself, and the believers around me, as a part of God’s family?

Do I feel like I still have something to prove to God, or others?

Do I believe that I must take action or be a certain way to earn more of God’s love for me?

Why is God communicating this truth to me, through Ephesians?

What should I do with wrong thoughts and attitudes?

What can I do soak in these beliefs? How can I remind myself of these truths?



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