Have a Seat 3

18 04 2013

In Luke 24 we read the story of a resurrected Jesus walking with two guys who were unsure about Him. Jesus is patient with doubt. He asks them questions and slowly points to the truth in Scripture. They asked Him, the “living truth”, to sit down with them and eat. That is when their eyes were open.

Here’s some source material, for CBCB Life Group Leaders, to consider when discussing this coming Sunday’s “Have a Seat” Part 3:

(Please keep in mind that this raw source material. Please prayerfully consider what discussion questions to lead your group with. The Scriptures listed here should prove very helpful. Thanks for serving people! You’re reflecting Jesus and working on something that lasts!)

have a seat

Where did we get the idea that God left us alone? Jesus is a personal savior. He never intended for us to be alone.

In John 14 – 17, Jesus is preparing His disciples for His death by informing them that God would be sending them the “Holy Spirit”.

What does that mean?

Helper / Advocate – providing relief, consoling, encouraging, mediating on behalf of, “the one who falls down beside us,” “alongside”

Reading Jesus’ words without prejudice, in John chapters 14 – 17, we find His description of the activities of the Holy Spirit:

Helper / Advocate who:  Teaches, Leads into Truth, Reminds, Convicts, Speaks for God, and Brings Peace.

In Dr Luke’s account of the events following Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, we read Acts 1 & 2 and find the Holy Spirit’s activities on a few levels: Baptism, Filling, and Gift (which is to say “enabling”) the results of which are: Spiritual Strength & Guidance.

Please remember that this is all within the context of: salvation, forgiveness of sin, healing, life change, and city change.

In Romans 8:24-28 we read about using this gift of the Spirit with: Powerful, persistent, hopeful prayer in relationship and in accordance with God’s will.

In 1 Corinthians chapters 12-14 we read that the purpose for these spiritual gifts is helping people! It’s not spooky, for show, nor about celebrity.

So we could say that the Spirit lead life should bring Life Change, Peace, and Courage.

Let’s take time to look at what“We Believe”. It’s a perfect time to ask questions and grow in the“confident hope” that Jesus wants us to have. Over the next five weeks we’ll discuss what we believe about: God, salvation, the spirit filled life, worship, and prayer.

We’re all about helping people connect with Jesus, grow in faith, and share His love.

Remember, if you have to miss a Sunday for work you can always listen to a previous Sunday talk at iTunes (search City Bible Church Baltimore) or on our web site.



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