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29 01 2014

Very few books, written within the past 50 years, are actually worth a big chunk of your time. (more on that here)

For 2014, I’m recommending that everyone in our church read at least one of the following books.

Crazy Love – Francis Chan

Making Great Decisions – Bishop T. D. Jakes

No Perfect People Allowed – Pastor John Burke

There’s simply no example, in the Bible, of a believer taking a passive approach to their faith and ending up where God wants them to be.

Every believer can benefit from a bit of help.

We’ve started 2014 with a focus on God, first.

Want to add something to your Bible reading? These suggestions will help.

Let’s talk about your thoughts and reactions in 2014.

If you consider yourself mature in your faith, I can’t wait to hear what you think about all 3 books this year!

crazy love

francis chan

td jakesno perfect



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