Coffee faith and dangerous prayer

11 02 2014

Ask God for BIG action on issues beyond your reach. Then plan at least one simple step of action that you can take toward the solution. “God bring my friend to salvation.” …then buy them coffee, ask questions, listen, & be a good friend. Offer to help them in some way.

“If I ask for others, but want to wait until God has made me so rich that it is no sacrifice or act of faith to aid them, I will not receive an answer. My prayer will be heard if I can say that I have already asked for help for a needy friend. Even though I don’t have what I need, I have already begun the work of love, because I know I have a Friend who will help me. We do not know how effective this plea is. When the friendship of earth looks in its need to the friendship of heaven, ‘He will give him whatever he needs.’

But we do not always get what we ask for all at once. The one way in which man can honor and enjoy his God is through faith. Intercession (praying for others) is part of faith’s training school. There our friendship with men and with God is tested. It is seen whether our friendship with the needy is so real that we would sacrifice our rest and go even at midnight to obtain what they needed. Our friendship with God should be so clear that we can depend on Him not to turn us away, therefore continuing to pray until He answers.” – Andrew Murray “With Christ in the School of Prayer”

This well describes much of our experience in Baltimore.

It’s time for each of us to Dream Big and Think Small.

What can God do in any seemingly hopeless situation?

What can God do?

Whatever He wants! There is nothing to hard for our God!

How does God want me, or you, involved in the situation?

What would God have you do today?

It’s time to ask the question, listen for the answer, and take action.

It’s time for coffee, faith, and a dangerous prayer.



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