How you, our out of town friends, can help.

29 04 2015

How you, our out of town friends, can help.

Pray for –

Peace, end to violence and many coming to faith in Jesus. There’s one true source of hope.

Wisdom, for all involved as we serve the city neighborhoods for long term solutions.

Clarity for parents/teachers having conversations with kids and teens.

Coordination and strategic connections between all community leaders to get help for those who need it most.

Jobs, our city is in need of economic growth and entry level careers for our city residents.

First Responders, our police, firefighters, and paramedics live in harm’s way and they also need support.

Give – 

Here are activities that we are regularly involved in. If you would like to make a donation it will help us meet these needs directly. Over the years, we have worked hard to develop relationships with quality non-profits, community organizations, and other churches that we have partnered with (using our hands and funds) to directly meet needs.

Feed and clothe the homeless. When possible provide them with transition services into independent living.

Provide job training. We have partners who do amazing work in this area. We also provide resume and interview services.

Serve the families of murder victims. Saturday May 9th we are helping provide a dinner and affordable Mother’s Day gift to 175 moms of murder victims. We still need help with the gifts.

Garbage clean ups in several neighborhoods. From spring through the fall every year we organize these and they have been one of the most successful things we’ve done.