Why is Baltimore burning? What can I do?

1 05 2015

Why is Baltimore burning? What can I do? Love Gives.

I love Baltimore. I love its people, neighborhoods, and streets. This tragic week I’ve spent a good deal of time crying and laughing with its beautiful citizens. We have cleaned up, prayed up, and hugged it out. Planning meetings continue because there is much to do for the long term good of Baltimore City. There’s a beautiful spirit of unity in the city right now. We will be here when the National Guard and the media leave, still serving. Because love gives.

“It should not be.” The violence of this week and the many underlying causes of such rage cannot be simply described here. Most Baltimore natives are shocked and yet not surprised. This week was not just about police brutality or negligence. It’s not that simple.

Why would a firefighter friend of mine have a gun in his face to prevent him from putting out a fire?

The truth is that we do not have educational and therefore vocational equality in our country. Generations of Baltimore citizens have come to believe that other people do not care about their struggle.

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” Remember that question? What should I do? How should I live? Jesus said that the most important truth of Scripture was, “Love God with all you’ve got and love your neighbor in the way you take care of yourself.” I believe that if we all lived this message Baltimore would not have burned.

“Jesus is the answer for the world today.” As a kid I sang that song and it’s been fresh in my memory this week. There’s a reason Jesus chose to read Isaiah 61 when he revealed himself as our Creator. The Good News of Jesus includes setting the wrongs right.

Throughout human history peace talks have included sitting down to eat, to talk, to listen. Just before Peter wrote, “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you,” he wrote, “all of you serve each other in humility.”

This week I’ve been reminded of the days, before moving here, of seeing blocks of vacant homes in urban poverty. Knowing that God wanted me here and yet staring at the challenges of such decay. A question began to burn in me, “What can God do?”

Each of us can “love God with all we’ve got and love our neighbor the same way we take care of ourselves.” Please overcome the obstacles and ask your neighbor questions, listen, and show your love.  Please connect with Jesus, grow in faith, and share his love. Because love gives.



3 responses

1 05 2015
Glenda Malmin

May this message have a wide audience & penetrate the hearts of many.

2 05 2015
Carolyn L. Wade

Powerful message, Ben!

29 05 2015
sifuna nathan

Dear pastor Ben Malmin. I am very much thankful to have such an opportunity to thank the almighty God and the King of glory and the creator of the universe and everything in it. As you know in everything that happens there is God’s plan and purpose for it. I am very thankful in deed to appreciate for the good work you are doing for touching and reaching brethren in different areas. I too appreciate you for your ministry which I am sure it’s reaching the people of God in different levels i.e in spirit,mind and body. In other words spiritual upright. Servant of God, would you like to have a friend in Kenya(East Africa) who can work and partner with your ministry ?Also i humble request you to have trip on October 7 up to 11 in our pastors and leaders conference to come and ministers you will be the main speaker. This is a humble request to you. I am very much ready to hear and listen to you deeply as the gospel and the kingdom of God is concern.”Read 2nd Peter 1:21,Mat 28:18, Acts5:3-4 and Hebrews13:8. The above scriptures are very touching and encouraging too. NB: There is only one true God eternally existing in three persons that is the Father-Son-Spirit of which have equal attributes of deity and personality. I will appreciate for your consideration and positive responses.God bless you. Yours in Christ service, Pastor Nathan Sifuna P. O BOX 339-30202, Moi’s Bridge Kenya.

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