Pray for Orlando

14 06 2016

Please join me in daily prayer for all families suffering from the Orlando shooting. May God bring a miracle of peace and healing. This flower is the team color of their soccer team. It reminded me, life is possible in harsh environments. My family and I have grieved over the past few days for all of those who are suffering loss or are in hospital waiting rooms hoping for healing of their loved ones. Can’t we stop our day and pray for those who need peace?

Please spend extra time each day and pray for one of the over 100 families suffering right now!

Pray for a miracle of peace in the face of senseless violence.

Pray for miracles of healing for every person injured. Pray for wisdom for their doctors etc.

Pray that they would be protected from negative influences at this traumatic time.

Pray for a healthy processing of the shock, anger, hurt, disbelief, loneliness, depression, and loss.

Pray for a supernatural strength, serenity, and grace within each person affected.

Pray that all come to a life-giving relationship with their Maker.

Pray for the safe travel of family and friends who will be gathering this horrible week.

Pray that their needs are met in travel, lodging, food, medical bills, housing, and any other thing that will help.

Pray that their grieving process would not be hindered by distractions of hateful, thoughtless, insensitive, and/or political statements about the tragic event.

Pray for a flood of positive messages to come their way.

Come on, let’s pray for Orlando.



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