My Dad’s Voice

18 06 2016

Rebecca Malmin's Blog

Dad and I My Dad and I

My Dad just called me. I’ve had a very busy week and he was calling to check in with me. There is something about my Dad’s voice that brings such instant peace and comfort. My sister and I used to ask him every night as he tucked us into bed, “Please tell us a story!” He would then begin to tell us a story, made up just for us. Often it was about a black cat with a long tail that went, “Swish, swish”. We would always make swishing motions with our arms at that part of the story as we lay in our beds all tucked in, listening to his deep voice, covered in feelings of safety and peace.

I also remember laying in bed waiting for sleep to take over. My parents would be talking in the living room. I could never hear the…

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18 06 2016
Glenda Malmin

This is so beautifully written!

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