January Prayer Topics

7 01 2017

January Prayer Topics:

  • May people that we know come to find and follow Jesus
  • That we would all be taking next steps in following Jesus
  • Peace in Baltimore City, reduction of violent crime, and record low homicides
  • Economic development and new jobs open in Baltimore City
  • Careers and new homes for the men in Aslan House, and that we would grow into more Aslan houses
  • Resources needed to help us serve pregnant teens, the homeless and families of murder victims

Lord please do the miracles we need to see (and show us what we must do to see) healthy relationships, peace, and joy in our families, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and city.

  • In our families those miracles would be ___ .
  • In our neighborhoods those miracles would be ___ .
  • In our schools/workplaces those miracles would be ___ .
  • In our families, help us to ___ .
  • In our neighborhoods, help us to ___ .
  • In our schools/workplaces, help us to ___ .

Lord please help us become a church:

  • Loving Jesus in a way that people talk about.
  • Where people find salvation and healing in Jesus.
  • Helping people find careers and peaceful homes.
  • Where everyone can find a place that they fit.
  • Serving the city with love that works.



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