August 2017

13 08 2017

Racism is wrong. The belief that one life has more value than another is wrong. Racism is more than just wrong, it is evil.

We’re on vacation, out of the normal flow of information, and my social media posts this week were previously scheduled. I logged into my sports news feed and saw news of white supremacy, violence, so much hatred. This news sent me on an emotional roller coaster of anger, pain, and lament. I cried. I prayed. At dinner, I talked it through with my family. My daughter is interested in World War 2 history. I mentioned that I saw a white guy pictured wearing a T-shirt with a quote from Hitler. We discussed how Christians allowed Hitler some of his political power, and the evil which came as a result. We discussed how each of us can feel like we are “better than” someone else, for any reason. We discussed how wrong that is, how to recognize it, repent of it, and make things right.

This week, as a family we are celebrating 7 years in Baltimore. We moved 7 years ago this week. In that time we have learned more about the African American experience and become aware of just how much more we have yet to learn. In that time white people have responded to my social media posts by saying that racism isn’t a problem in America anymore. White people have commented on how minorities should think, feel, or act. This is offensive to me.

I have, and I will, continue to confess my wrongs, seek forgiveness, and to make amends. I will also do the same for those who identify me with those who are responsible for their pain….white, male, husband, father, pastor.

I have, and I will, continue to call white male husband father pastors to repentance for the sin in their hearts.

White people, in particular, must ask, “What circumstances have caused white supremacists to feel safe to demonstrate in this way again?”

On a personal level, last week I posted the following thoughts which seem relevant today:

How might our world be different if we gave time and energy to loving people with acts of service and praying for them?

People are to be embraced not endured, loved not tolerated, given grace & mercy, not coexistence, a place at our table not crumbs from the table.

Jesus spoke of mercy and truth, spirit and word, not neglecting one for the other. Love compels us to think deeply about how we should pray and what action we should take for the benefit of our brothers and sisters who are now being treated as “less than”.




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