July 6 Bible reading

5 07 2019

July 6 Psalm 81:1-7 Acts 25:1-22 2 Kings 12; 13; 14:1-22

Please read the suggested passages, prayerfully consider them, and the questions below. My comments here may be helpful after those moments. The suggested daily reading is for the purpose of reading through the whole Bible within a year.
Reading the Bible is helpful in taking next steps to follow Jesus. It may not be easy and yet it can be rewarding. Digging into Scripture alongside people you know is a life-giving way to pursue answers together. We discover the love that God has for us has been expressed through Jesus.
• What’s the plain simple truth of the verses you read?
• Based on today’s reading, what is one thing God is saying to you?
• What should you do about that truth?

July 6 Psalm 81:1-7 Acts 25:1-22 2 Kings 12; 13; 14:1-22
Psalm 81:1-7 Psalm 81 starts with something like, “Everybody, let’s sing about the goodness of God!” They sang songs of deliverance and redemption. They remembered the way that God freed them from slavery in Egypt. They camped at a place with no water. God had Moses strike a rock, and they drank the water that flowed from it. A miracle! For centuries they sang about the miracles of God.
Acts 25:1-22 The new Governor Festus calls Paul to defend himself against the accusations of the Jewish priests and leaders. Paul uses the Roman law to appeal to Ceasar some 2 years after he had been imprisoned. Paul’s faith in Jesus is now being presented to a growing number of influential people. These are events recorded in history that contributed to the widespread Good News of Jesus. Paul spoke the truth about Jesus to people in power.
2 Kings 12; 13; 14:1-22 Joash pleased God with his decision to follow the faithful teaching of his mentor, the priest Jehoiada. He repaired the Temple and yet did not destroy the places of pagan worship. Is it possible that he was concerned with the opinion of people? Too consumed with his work? Even in his last days, the prophet Elisha spoke truth to leaders, regardless of their character or receptiveness. Many of the kings chose a preoccupation with power, the place of worship and the culture of spirituality over the loving relationship with God that was available to them. The chose fatal distraction over focus on what really mattered.




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