Talkin about Jesus

16 10 2019

We have been talking about Jesus lately at City Harbor (a safe place to find and follow Jesus). It’s a personal relationship thing for me. Let’s not separate the words of Jesus from the person of Jesus. We should read about Jesus and consider,

“Who is Jesus?

What is Jesus like?

What does Jesus value?

What does Jesus think about?

What does Jesus pray about?

What does Jesus cry about?

What does Jesus laugh about?

Why do so many people believe that Jesus transcends the limitations of our natural world?

Why do so many people find the love of Jesus to be life-changing?”

Here’s a list of what we’ve book looking at:

July 21 Jesus series 1 Brunch – John 6:1-15
July 28 BONUS Rescue – Psalm 34
August 4 Jesus series 2 Forgiveness and Faith – Luke 5:17-26
August 11 Jesus series 3 Be with Jesus – Mark 3:13-15
August 18 Jesus series 4 Compassion not Disdain – Mark 6:1-13
August 25 Jesus series 5 Heart Health – Mark 7:14-23
September 1 Jesus series 6 Persistent Prayer – Luke 11:1-13
September 8 Jesus series 7 Here – Mark 6:45-52
September 15 Jesus series 8 Jesus heals the blind – John 9
September 22 Jesus series 9 Service – Luke 22:20-27
September 29 Jesus series 10 Jesus the Good Shepherd – John 10:1-18 (combined service with Hampden UMC)
October 6 Jesus series 11 Get Real! – Matthew 9:9-13
October 13 Jesus series 12 Jesus with the Samaritan Woman – John 4 Pastor Galen
October 20 Jesus series 13 Jesus Mission Part 1 – John 20:21 Matthew 28:18-20 Luke 24:44-49 Acts 1:8
October 27 Jesus series 14 Jesus Mission Part 2 – 2 Corinthians 5:14-21

Notes and audio found at:




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