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20 03 2020
Hello church family, 
“Love Gives” is not just something we say, but a message that we live. I am so very thankful to be part of a church family that takes action with its courageous generosity. 
Personal interaction – my hope is that each day you are spending time with God and processing your thoughts & feelings. In this way, we can receive peace and spiritual strength from God. Anyone we communicate with (or are in contact with) will sense the peace and strength we have. First, share love by listening to those you have immediate contact with. Listen with an intent to understand what they’re experiencing. Speak simple words of encouragement. Offer to pray with them. We don’t need all the answers to share compassionate moments of connection. Second, the same approach can be used with anyone you see in person or communicate with (via phone or the web). Third, think about people you know who may need this same kind of contact, and then reach out to them.
As a church family, we have already delivered groceries to a number of people. We have also provided direct support to others in serious need. Please understand that your financial support of our church makes this possible. Currently, we have enough help for this. We will reach out to you when more volunteer help is needed.
Please consider the information in this fun video before you get out there to help othershttps://youtu.be/I5-dI74zxPg
Baltimore Neighborhood Quarantine Response Teams
This is a spontaneous real social network of people wanting to do good. It’s not perfect. Please use common sense in healthy practices and protecting your personal information.

As we mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 the best thing we can do is support those close to us with compromised immune systems. Those of us with healthy immune systems can assist our neighbors. When we are well we can buy groceries, pick up prescriptions, offer to walk our neighbor’s dogs or do anything else that would make it easier for folks to stay inside.

If you are a vulnerable individual and need assistance self quarantining see the “vulnerable persons” signup sheets below to get connected with a local neighbor who can help you with activities outside of the home.

More longterm support:
As a church, we have started the work needed to be on the government-approved list of response organizations (city, state, and federal). Should circumstances get worse we would be among those equipped to provide direct service to people in need. More information about this will be available as it is appropriate. 
Baltimore Organizations (that I have been personally connected with and endorse your support of, not limited to but including social media posts to help direct financial support.)
Helping Up Mission https://helpingupmission.org/  my favorite Baltimore City outreach mission
Manna House https://mannahouseinc.org/ my favorite place providing free food for those experiencing homelessness.
Healthcare for the Homeless http://www.hchmd.org I love healthcare for the homeless and what they do! High quality of care pro bono for the homeless.
Powell Recovery http://www.prcinc.org Powell Recovery has qualified staff and one of the best full-service residential drug recovery programs.
Hopefully, this helps,
Ben Malmin, Pastor
City Harbor Church



2 responses

20 03 2020

Dear Pastor Ben: What wonderful words of encouragement you are sending out. I so appreciate reading your blogs, knowing my children are in such a wonderful flock. Pray for you often. May the Father give you the words of encouragement and strength to pass on to all, in these uncertain days (not that our “normal” days are frankly less uncertain!)

21 03 2020
Lanny Hubbard

Your family is doing such a great job in a challenging situation. You are to be honored.

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