May 29 George Floyd thoughts

30 05 2020

May 27

27 05 2020

As of today, more than 100,000 people, of the 1.6 million confirmed cases of coronavirus, have died. This virus is highly contagious. People who don’t know they’re sick can share it.

The combination of keeping physical distance, wearing multilayer face masks, and 20 seconds of hand washing will help protect you and your loved ones and your neighbors. Please understand that these are facts beyond politics or the margin of error within scientific interpretation.

Please be a good steward of your life. Please consider giving help (food, face masks, supplies, information) to those in need. This Friday we are again teaming up with YWAM Baltimore and Jay Baylor to give away hundreds of boxes of groceries.

George Floyd

27 05 2020

The treatment of the life of George Floyd is unacceptable.

Effective qualified oversight in police hiring, training, retraining, and accountability is needed. The whole justice system must include accountability and change. It should protect and serve.
My belief is that no matter what we do our God will bring ultimate justice. I also believe that God will one day asked us what we did about this.
Each of us has a responsibility.
You can learn more. Read.
You can speak up for what is right. Simple public statements matter.
Social media, yes. Neighbors, yes.
Find the phone numbers, email, mailing address of officials in your area and voice your view of how police and the justice system should work.
When you see good choices say so. When you see good public service encourage it!
We should all feel the impact and share responsibility.
Think before you act. What is helpful?
Pray about this issue. When you do, ask God for change. Ask God what you can do.
Speak up.
Choose hope.
Show kindness to someone today.

May 7 Coronavirus update

7 05 2020

Right now, it would be normal to want to self-medicate with an unhealthy amount of entertainment. It would be normal to want to avoid anything that looks like extra effort. “Work” is a four-letter word, right?


That said, learning is of great importance right now. It is essential that we grow as people of faith and wisdom. This requires active learning about God, ourselves, and our world. This includes spiritual focus and learning about the science of this Coronavirus.


Please know that I am writing for the purpose of offering helpful insight and medical information from several sources. In the post below you will find research and practical “To Do” suggestions for that purpose. Coronavirus is not just a cough (respiratory issue). It affects the whole body. It impacts your blood.


Unless God does a global miracle, this Coronavirus pandemic will be a long-term challenge. Please give that serious thought.


God still works miracles. We should pray for them daily. We should also prepare ourselves for the possibility that God may not put a sudden stop to this virus. We see examples of this over and over in Scripture. Hebrews 11 lists people who lived this way. They saw some miracles. They did not see all they asked for before death. They did, however, find ultimate peace and fulfillment, in the presence of God. They lived in faith. Their circumstances did not dictate their peace. They prepared themselves for the challenges that lie ahead regardless of what God would choose to do.


Around the world, there are amazing people working hard to learn about the virus, how we can treat it, and how it can be prevented. We would be well served by a determination to learn more and prepare ourselves for how to live in peace regardless of the challenges. It’s painful. I hear you.


Your life is incredibly valuable! God has given you this life to be a steward of. You get to choose how you will spend your time, energy, and money. You have an opportunity today to grow in your awareness of your God-given identity, peace, and purpose. The decisions we make about this new transition season will have far-reaching implications.


At the end of next week, we may see the end of the Stay-Home order. That does not mean this virus has passed us by. Not until Stage 2 of the Maryland re-opening plan will we consider resuming public worship services.


My recommendation is that we are careful. Regardless of whether or not you believe anyone in your home has been sick, we should all be following safe practices (without fear) to protect ourselves and the people we come into contact with. We should all be wearing masks (2 ply with a filter) and carefully avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. We should all practice safe distancing, cough protection, and hand hygiene (washing at least 20 seconds). We should clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.


To help us grow in understanding and suggested actions (at the end) please consider the following from my friend Bryan Beach (and see the list of information sources).



The medical evidence indicates that COVID-19 is causing Endothelial Dysfunction in the vascular system. Endothelial cells line the entire circulatory system, in the heart, arteries, veins, to the smallest capillaries. The endothelium protects tissues from toxic substances; regulates blood clotting; controls fluids, electrolytes, oxygen exchange, and numerous other substances that pass back and forth between the blood and tissues. It is critical in the regulation of inflammation in tissues.

The cells in the endothelium are rich in ACE2 proteins, to which the coronavirus attaches itself in order to invade the cell. This helps explain why our efforts to treat patients strictly for “ARDS” Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome often fail. ARDS is just one of the many symptoms of Endothelial Dysfunction.

As this new research is reported in the mainstream news, the likelihood of misinformation or jumping to conclusions runs high. Scare tactics used in marketing products to sell with unconfirmed (at best) or questionable (at worse) success has already occurred. We will likely see this increase with other prescription medications, over-the-counter supplements, and extreme diets.




by Bryan Beach


The latest research indicates that COVID-19 specifically infects the cells that line the blood vessels (the endothelium) by attaching itself to the ACE2 protein located on the exterior of those cells. Like other viruses, it hijacks the cell and tricks it into reproducing more of the virus. The new viruses infect surrounding blood vessel tissues. Since COVID-19 attaches to the ACE2 protein on the cells, it prevents the ACE2 protein from carrying out its normal functions, namely regulating oxide buildup in the body. The amount of time this build-up takes varies from person to person. Some seem to recover without serious health issues while others progressively get worse.


The medical establishment has thought COVID-19 was a lung only disease. The evidence is showing that it actually attacks the cells in the blood vessels. This can occur anywhere in the body, and since lung tissue has a great number of blood vessels, it occurs there in greater numbers.



COVID-19 attaches itself to the ACE2 protein (Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) and prohibits it from doing its normal job in the infected person. The coronavirus physically attaches itself to the ACE2 protein on the cell membrane, literally occupying the physical space on the cell and preventing or blocking the protein from carrying out its normal bodily functions. The same was true of SARS in 2002.


ACE2 is a protein on the outer surface of the cell membrane found especially throughout our blood vessels. This layer is called the endothelium. It is just one part of the complex cardiovascular system. The ACE2 protein on the endothelium is critical in the body’s ability to process oxides a.k.a. regulate oxidation (superoxide, hydroxide, etc). Oxidation is a normal and necessary process that takes place in our bodies and the Antioxidant Regulation System keeps it in balance. ACE2 is essential to the Antioxidant Regulation System.


When the Antioxidant System system isn’t working correctly, as in the case of COVID-19 patients, then multiple, cascading problems can occur – often life-threatening. The entire cardiovascular system is at risk, affecting the heart, blood vessels throughout the body, and all the organs, including the brain.


The lack of ACE2 causes cardiovascular constriction (in the body or in a specific organ), raising blood pressure, constricting blood vessels (making them less permeable), and inflammation (often hyper-inflammation) resulting in the infected organ failing — (i.e. ARDS in the lungs, strokes in the brain, heart attacks, and other organs failing – like in the kidneys, liver, pancreas and so on). The body’s hyper-inflammatory response to the COVID-19 infection also accounts for the cytolysis storm.



People with stressed Antioxidant Systems (such as with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and hardened arteries [atherosclerosis] as in older people) succumb more quickly to the Oxidative Stress and resulting hyper-inflammation. A diet high in sugar, fat, and alcohol contributes to higher oxide production, meaning more stress for the Antioxidant System to deal with, making these people more susceptible.


When the Antioxidant System stops working (as appears to be the case in COVID-19 patients) oxides build up in the body over time until reaching a critical mass, then the body responds with sudden acute inflammation (hyper-inflammatory response) resulting in tissue damage, including permanent damage to DNA. The build-up of oxides can take anywhere from 5 to 21 days depending on the person.


Sometimes the body is able to recover on its own without medical intervention and restore balance. This appears this happens in individuals with a strong innate immune system. The innate immune system is stronger in younger people than older, as well as people who are more physically active and eat well (especially athletes). For those with weaker innate immune systems, the buildup of oxides in the body is too much and serious illness results.



Up to now, medical personnel in hospitals were prepared to treat issues related specifically to the lungs (ARDS), and have been shocked to see their patients put on ventilators, seem to respond well, only to suddenly decline and ultimately pass from other organ failures, strokes, and heart-attacks. Massive blood clotting has also baffled medical examiners during autopsies as well as numerous reports of bruising, rashes, skin blotches, and “COVID toes” where discoloration on the extreme digits of the body show odd swelling, bruising and discoloration.




The immune response system recognizes that the cells lining the blood vessels are infected with a virus and attack those cells, destroying them. This process involves killing millions of infected cells and has several consequences.


When a cell is destroyed, it releases all the fluids it contained. When this occurs on a massive scale it results in inflammation. Since the cells being destroyed are the actual blood vessels themselves, it also results in the vessels weakening and eventually rupturing. Depending on the location of where this occurs in the body, it helps explain why so many different symptoms and causes of deaths related to COVID-19 are being reported.


Once infected blood vessels in the brain are destroyed it results in a stroke, vessels in organs result in organ failure, and vessels in the skin results in strange bruising and discoloration (including “COVID toe”).



There is a lot of speculation on this part but, according to multiple studies, Acute Oxidative Stress (in studies conducted before COVID-19) has shown a significantly higher chance of getting serious illness sometime after their body has undergone acute oxidative stress. These illnesses include cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, higher susceptibility to brain illnesses, chronic sleep problems, and the list just goes on.


In other words, people who have recovered from COVID-19 and who are otherwise healthy are likely to develop other life-threatening illnesses that they wouldn’t have otherwise.


Additionally, people who were already at risk for those diseases, and have recovered from COVID-19, will likely develop those serious health issues sooner than before.


Some evidence indicates this can actually happen in mere weeks after recovery from COVID-19. In many cases, the person never knew they had COVID-19, and yet developed a sudden serious, “unexplainable” organ failure. These developments are still in the very early stages and only time will tell if we see increased numbers of sudden and serious health issues in recovered COVID-19 individuals.


Researchers will be exploring Endothelial Dysfunction and Acute Oxidative Stress as it relates to COVID-19 specifically in the coming weeks and months, and we will hear more about these lines of research in the news media. Speculation over treatments, medications, and extreme diets will likely surface and have no scientific data backing up the claims.


Do not take any medications or supplements beyond the prescribed recommended dosage. Always consult your doctor before taking any new substances or undergoing a new diet, especially if they are already taking prescription medications for other issues. These over-the-counter supplements can react poorly or counteract prescribed medications. Extreme diets may actually increase your susceptibility to COVID-19 or other illnesses and can have unforeseen long-term consequences.



In human terms, the best minds on the planet are working for answers. It is only a matter of time before they find them. Patience, managing our fears, and controlling our urges to buy highly touted or well-marketed products are only wisdom and good family economics.





-don’t drink alcohol

-don’t smoke

-eat foods rich in antioxidants daily but in moderation (berries, artichokes, kale, beets, beans, red cabbage, and even dark chocolate) consistent daily servings strengthen our Antioxidant System. Binge eating doesn’t help.

-getting good sleep boosts our Antioxidant System and Innate Immune System

Some other things include beyond what we already know:

-take a multivitamin every day (as directed) that contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, and zinc

-vitamin D deficiency has been seen in a high number of COVID-19 fatalities (Get in the sun with sunscreen, or take the supplement)

-practice good hygiene (shower/bath every day) some research indicates alternating hot/cold during your shower boosts your innate immune system.

-get sunshine with sunscreen when you can, it promotes health

-spending time in the woods (when feasible), research shows 2 hours in the woods boosts the innate immune system

-reduce mental stress and anxiety as these directly affect the Antioxidant System






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Ahmaud Arbery

7 05 2020

Ahmaud Arbery – A life cut short.
This is wrong. Say his name. 

I want to clarify my posts from May 5.

Stop telling me that we are past racism.

How many people in the justice system “recused” themselves, walking away from their responsibility?

We should not need video to bring change.

This moment in our journey of learning about the contrast between life for us (my white family) and life for our African American neighbors brings into view the evil of racism and white supremacy, a lack of justice in the system, inequality, and the need for change.

We have learned a little about the thoughts and feelings of our African American neighbors. Over the past few days, my wife and I have cried together and prayed.

May God bring justice to those who deny it.

May we take courage and bring change in ourselves, our neighborhoods, our systems, and our nations.

May 6 Bible reading

5 05 2020

May 6 Psalm 57:1-6 John 4:43-54; 5:1-15 Judges 4; 5

Please read the suggested passages, prayerfully consider them, and the questions below. My comments here may be helpful after those moments. The suggested daily reading is for the purpose of reading through the whole Bible within a year.
Reading the Bible is helpful in taking next steps to follow Jesus. It may not be easy and yet it can be rewarding. Digging into Scripture alongside people you know is a life-giving way to pursue answers together. We discover the love that God has for us has been expressed through Jesus.
• What’s the plain simple truth of the verses you read?
• Based on today’s reading, what is one thing God is saying to you?
• What should you do about that truth?

May 6 Psalm 57:1-6 John 4:43-54; 5:1-15 Judges 4; 5

Psalm 57:1-6 David sings his belief that God will not fail him. We can learn from this practice of meditation, singing, praying. David learned from his life experiences. He truly approached life as a personal relationship with God, learning as he went.

John 4:43-54; 5:1-15 Jesus heals a boy who had been near death. While doing this miracle, Jesus asks the people in Galilee if they might believe in Him without the miracles. Jesus heals a man who could not walk and instructs the man to stop sinning. Jesus cared about the man’s natural and spiritual health. The religious leaders were more concerned with this man following their added rules, to the point of legalism. Each of these stories reveals more about Jesus. What is Jesus like?

Judges 4; 5 A prophet named Deborah directs Barak to deliver the Israelites from a ruling Canaanite king. She gives him the promise that God would provide the victory. Barak insists that Deborah go with him. As a result, Deborah becomes the spiritual and natural leader of Israel. Barak and Deborah sang a duet of praise to God for their freedom. Then the Israelites enjoyed 40 years of peace.

April 30 update

1 05 2020

Here’s an update, suggestions, and encouragement just past 100 days into coronavirus: