George Floyd

27 05 2020

The treatment of the life of George Floyd is unacceptable.

Effective qualified oversight in police hiring, training, retraining, and accountability is needed. The whole justice system must include accountability and change. It should protect and serve.
My belief is that no matter what we do our God will bring ultimate justice. I also believe that God will one day asked us what we did about this.
Each of us has a responsibility.
You can learn more. Read.
You can speak up for what is right. Simple public statements matter.
Social media, yes. Neighbors, yes.
Find the phone numbers, email, mailing address of officials in your area and voice your view of how police and the justice system should work.
When you see good choices say so. When you see good public service encourage it!
We should all feel the impact and share responsibility.
Think before you act. What is helpful?
Pray about this issue. When you do, ask God for change. Ask God what you can do.
Speak up.
Choose hope.
Show kindness to someone today.



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