3 06 2020

People are asking why I think the way I do.In an effort to be helpful, I would like to explain one of my learning methods… listening.

Most importantly, I’m learning to set aside what I want to say first so that I can ask someone good open ended questions (beyond yes/no) and then listen with an intent to understand. This is how love and respect for others looks. No more words from me until I ask myself if I am truly hearing them.

We are not growing, we are not learning when we have on the “blinders” of confirmation bias and false duality. If we want a better tomorrow we must be learning now.

How can we hear from individuals and communities at this time? One tool I use for listening is Twitter. Please consider it. Allow me to explain.

Community organizations often use social media for revealing what they have learned and what they are doing about it. Most have a Twitter account. I use “lists” on Twitter to organize the sources of information. Please feel free to look over my lists, and send me suggestions for who I should add.

Once you are logged into Twitter, search for my profile @benmalmin and there you can view my “lists”. When you first click on the lists you will see the most recent tweets from people on the list. If you then click on the list “members” you can scroll through and examine who I’m listening to. Notably, it is not just people that we would agree with.

This is something I started building when we were preparing for our church plant. It is a helpful way to learn. You will find articles and media posted by the accounts. Developing real world relationships has helped guide me in curating these lists.



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